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[Update: Shopping app arrives] Google Express is now Google Shopping, Feed and YouTube integration coming soon

Earlier this month, a report from The Information claimed Google was preparing to overhaul its shopping services — including Google Express. Now the company has officially announced the merging of Shopping Search and Express into the new Google Shopping.

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Google Shopping has a new desktop site with checkout for 'Buy with Google' items

Earlier this year, Google confirmed that it would merge Shopping (a way to search for products from many stores in one place) and Express (a combined storefront for multiple retailers) to make the new Google Shopping. While the mobile app still bears the Express name, the updated Google Shopping site has finally appeared.

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Instagram Checkout lets you buy stuff without having to leave the app

Since the app is increasingly used by influencers and fashion brands to showcase clothing, footwear, and other hot products, it's no surprise that Instagram has worked to build out its shopping features. Purchase links appear in Stories, you can save collections of potential buys for later, and there's even been talk of a standalone shopping app. Wouldn't it be even more convenient if you could just shop from within the Instagram app itself?

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Google Express picks up over 150 new store partners in December

The holiday shopping season itself may be over, but between returns, gift cards, and spending the cash you got in that card from grandma, it seems that we just can't fully shake the pull of retail. If your end-of-year shopping has you headed online, Google Express is ready with a pile of new storefronts, adding 157 retailers over the course of the past month.

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Google Express adds stores from Anker, EMS, and — wait, RadioShack still exists?

The dust has settled. Our credit cards may be maxed out, and our eyes red and bleary, but we survived another Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While you hopefully scored a few great deals along the way, we'd forgive you for wanting to never think about shopping ever again. But on the off chance you're not done quite yet, you might be interested in learning about the latest batch of Google Express stores to go online, numbering well over a hundred.

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[Update: Last day to qualify] Google Express offer can win you up to $500 in holiday shopping credit

Surviving the holidays can be one very expensive proposition. Beyond travel, dressing your best, and probably a few fancy meals in there, a lot of us also take on the expense of purchasing all manner of gifts for our friends and family. That can add up right quick, but Google's hoping to ease the impact on some lucky shoppers as it announces plans to give away up to $500 in Google Express credit.

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Instagram adds 'Shopping collection' for saving items to buy later

Since its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has increasingly become less about showing people your dog and more about shopping. The platform introduced more new features to that end today, including a shopping list-like "Shopping collection" that lets you save and organize products you see on the platform to buy later.

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Nike is now selling its gear through Google Express, alongside a hundred other new stores

Google Express still isn't the retail juggernaut Google would probably like it to be, but it's also far from hurting for partner stores. Every few weeks we update you with the latest stores to come on board, and it's rare that we don't see several dozen new faces. But while the numbers are there, we're at the point now where the majority of these new partners are companies on the smaller side — with odds better than not that you haven't even heard of most of them. This time, though, we've got at least one brand with some heavy-duty name recognition, as Nike begins Google Express sales.

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Pretend you've got Prime with Amazon's free holiday shipping promo

Don't all your friends with Amazon Prime seem so ... well, smug? They can order whatever they want on a whim, and it shows up at their door just days later. You, on the other hand, seem like you're always trying to pad out an order to get it over that free-shipping threshold. Sure you could just pay for shipping like a savage, but this holiday season Amazon's got an even better idea, as it offers free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.

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Google Express adds 87 new retailers to its already big family

There doesn't seem to be a particular rhyme or reason to the new stores Google brings on board with Google Express these days, but dang it if they ain't numerous. It feels like every time we bring you a list of the latest companies to sell their wares through Google's storefront, we've got dozens and dozens of entries representing all variety of retailers. This edition's no different, as we check out the 87 new stores to arrive on Google Express.

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