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Android Companion App For Homefront: The Revolution Is Already Live


Operation Dracula Is A New 'Bullet Hell' Shooter From Crescent Moon Games

How many bullets do you like to see in your top-down shooters? If you answered "a reasonable number," then Operation Dracula is not for you. The latest game published by Crescent Moon Games contains lots of snappy chiptune music, multiple characters, and a totally unreasonably number of bullets. Thus, a "bullet hell" shooter.

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Xenowerk Is A Top-Down Shooter That's Crawling With Slimy Mutants

The new game Xenowerk takes place in a mysterious underground science laboratory. It's not clear what sort of research was being conducted there, but whatever it was resulted in an infestation of gross mutants. It's up to you to eradicate them.

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Gameloft Releases N.O.V.A. 3 Freedom Edition, A Free Version Of N.O.V.A. 3 With Ads And No In-App Purchases

Gameloft has a number of "top-tier" properties like Modern Combat and Asphalt, but it's been a while since N.O.V.A. got any love. That's Gameloft's totally-not-a-ripoff-of-Crysis sci-fi shooter. Well, there's a new version of N.O.V.A., but it's mostly the same as the last one. This is N.O.V.A. 3 Freedom Edition. It's the same game, but it costs nothing to download and has no in-app purchases. The catch is that N.O.V.A. 3 Freedom Edition has ads.

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Inferno 2 Blasts Into The Play Store With Even More Radiant Explosions Than The Original

Sometimes you just want to kick back and play a nice dual-stick shooter. Oh, there are plenty of them out there, but Inferno from Radiangames has been one of the finest examples available. Now the predictably named sequel, Inferno 2 has arrived on Android. Get your thumbs ready.

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[Update: It's Back As Super Crossfighter] Super Crossfire Is Like Space Invaders Meets Tron, But Faster And With More Shooting

Update: Trademark issues with the name caused the game to be pulled a while back, but now it's available again as "Super Crossfighter." Same game, new name and listing. Radiangames is also discounting its catalog to celebrate, so check that out. The original post below should still be accurate other than the name.

Video games make a lot of assumptions about aliens, mainly that they're going to be two-dimensional and prone to shooting at stuff. It's an unfair stereotype, if you ask me, but also makes for a better game. That's very much the case in Super Crossfire which packs a ton of alien-blasting action.

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Modern Combat 5 Review: A Mobile Shooter Loaded With An Extended Magazine Of Caveats

Like a great many developers, Gameloft has resorted to rolling in-app purchases into most of its games. One notable exception to that de facto rule is the new installment of the Modern Combat series. These games have much more production value than any other mobile first-person shooter, but this is a genre that's notoriously hard to adapt to touchscreens. So, can a big production budget make Modern Combat 5: Blackout worth your time?

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[New Game] JoyJoy From Radiangames Is A Top-Down Shooter With A Pretty Face

The top-down dual stick shooter has been a staple of mobile gaming for years, but that doesn't mean it's all played out. JoyJoy from Radiangames has a neat look and customizable controls. Oh, and there are no in-app purchases, an increasingly rare attribute.

JoyJoy contains 24 waves of baddies, each with its own unique challenges. Your weapons are upgradeable, along with your ship. Though, "ship" might be a bit of an overstatement. It's more of a circle, but so is everything else. It's actually an interesting visual style.

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The game costs $1.99, and there is no in-app purchase flag in the Play Store, so you're safe.

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[New Game] Chillingo's Abyss Attack Is An Endless Shooter So Pretty You'll Almost Forget About The In-App Purchases

The seas are beautiful and deadly in Chillingo's new game Abyss Attack. All the creatures in the deep are out to get you, and all you have for defense is a heavily armed submersible. Although, you are sort of shooting everything in sight. It's possible the luminous sea life is just defending itself, you monster.

This is a top-down scrolling shooter with an array of glowing creatures, some of which can fire projectiles, and others that simply try to swarm you. Every so often there is a boss battle, but you just go on fighting until the inevitable happens and you die.

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[New Game] Return To The Post-Apocalyptic, Robot-Infested Future In EPOCH 2

If humanity dies out in the future, what are all the robots going to do? Fight, according to EPOCH 2. The first title was one of the prettiest games on Android when it launched a few years back, and the sequel promises to up the ante with more effects, more guns, and many more angry robots.

EPOCH 2 is a cover-based shooter set in a world populated by robots with nothing better to do than shoot at you. You'll have to hop around from one location to the next and open fire when you see an opportunity. Along the way you also pick up resources that can be used to buy upgraded gear.

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