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Amazon will now pay you more if you're willing to wait longer for your order

People are staying home and ordering even more stuff online lately. That's putting strain on delivery supply chains, as warehouses and drivers struggle to keep up with increased demand. To cope, Amazon is offering Prime subscribers increased No-Rush Shipping credit if they voluntarily delay their deliveries.

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Amazon temporarily stops selling some non-essential items in Italy and France

Our only effective defense against the novel coronavirus is staying at home, which leads to an unprecedented impact on the economy, but also on logistics. With a lot of people confined to their apartments, it's no wonder that Amazon is experiencing an influx of orders, a lot of which include essential goods like groceries, health and household items, baby products, and more. To help get these items to people in need as soon as possible, the company has announced that it will stop shipping non-essential items in Italy and France, which are among the hardest-hit countries.

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Google Store has two-day free shipping on orders of $35+ until December 20


Some Google Stadia pre-orders are hinting at just how soon hardware might arrive

So, you've bought into Google Stadia with that $130 Founder's Edition kit, you've got enough internet pumping in and out to blast 4K HDR games without the console, and you're just about to explode with all the titles set to come in the next year. All you're waiting for is the word "go," and so far, we've only been given the word "November." But a couple of clues have recently popped up in the Stadia subreddit in the hopes of letting us mark down a specific day on our calendars.

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Amazon Counter launches in the US for in-store order pickups

It's in Amazon's interest to make it as painless as possible to get your orders, which is why the company has gone so far as to open your door to place boxes inside. Now, there's another way to get your latest box of Amazon junk. With Amazon Counter, you can pick up shipments from staffed retail locations around the US.

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[Update: FedEx responds] FedEx is apparently refusing to even ship Huawei phones to the US

The hits keep on coming for Huawei. After the announcement of a US technology export ban, numerous Huawei suppliers and partners around the world have ended relationships with the company. Now, you might not even be able to ship a Huawei phone reliably. PCMag tried to mail a P30 Pro from the UK to the US, and it was returned to sender because of the ongoing legal drama.

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Some lucky Galaxy S10 pre-orders are shipping out early

Samsung initially promised that pre-orders would arrive by March 8th, but based on recent reports, some folks might be getting theirs a bit early. Shipping notifications for some pre-orders are already going out.

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Pretend you've got Prime with Amazon's free holiday shipping promo

Don't all your friends with Amazon Prime seem so ... well, smug? They can order whatever they want on a whim, and it shows up at their door just days later. You, on the other hand, seem like you're always trying to pad out an order to get it over that free-shipping threshold. Sure you could just pay for shipping like a savage, but this holiday season Amazon's got an even better idea, as it offers free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.

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LG V30S ThinQ is now shipping in the US

LG announced the V30S ThinQ—more or less a V30 with extra RAM—at Mobile World Congress in February. The phone went up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago for the plainly silly price of $929.99, but promptly dropped to a more reasonable $729.99. It's now in stock at B&H at that price.

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Honor View10 orders are now shipping out

Pre-orders for the $499 Honor View10 opened on March 12th, and Huawei initially stated that orders would begin to ship out on March 22nd. It turns out that Huawei's estimate was a bit off, though; the HiHonor site is now saying that Honor View10 orders will begin to ship today, March 23rd.

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