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[Update: Live] Google's OnHub Paper Towel Holder Shells Are Real And Going Live Today For $29-$39, Plus Someone Designed One That Looks Like A Cake

A couple months ago some Google Opinion Rewards survey-filler-outters received questions about the OnHub that suggested Google had new shells in the works. At least one of the three options provided looked like a paper towel holder, and the others could easily pass for trash cans. Google wanted to know which one people would be most willing to buy. Well, all three variants have appeared in the Google Store, where they're listed as coming soon.

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Google Is Apparently Curious If You Would Like To Turn Your OnHub Into A Paper Towel Holder

OnHub is Google's attempt at a router that's easy to set up and, unlike most others, pretty enough to leave out in the open. But it could be prettier. Rather than roll out new hardware this early in the game, Google seems to be interested in producing new cases—or shells—to replace the blue one that comes with the device.

At least one person has completed a Google Opinion Rewards survey (Google's way of acquiring user feedback in exchange for Play Store credit) asking questions about the OnHub. Particularly, would you be interested in purchasing one of three potential shells, and what price would you consider reasonable?

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