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G Suite adds new languages for font catalog in Docs and Slides, improved copy functionality, and more

Google is constantly adding new features to its G Suite line of products to make you more productive. The latest additions comprise of over 60 new languages to the Docs and Slides font catalogs, as well as updates to document copying that allow for comments and suggestions to be transferred over.

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Google Sheets adds machine learning chart creation, sync with Docs and Slides, and more

I get it - spreadsheets aren't the most exciting thing in the world. Still, Google has continued to improve the mobile and desktop apps, most recently adding text rotation and other formatting features to the Android app. Now the company has added a few major improvements to Sheets, starting with some machine learning magic.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Sheets update will add support for rotated text, accounting formatting, mouse input on Android, and more

Google's Docs and associated programs aren't really replacements for full desktop office suites - at least not yet. But little by little, the company keeps adding more and more features to their web and mobile tools. Sheets, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Excel and similar spreadsheet programs, is getting some crucial updates on the web and Android very soon. A big one is support for standard accounting number formatting (available in the Format menu). That's a huge boon for businesses that rely on Sheets.

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PSA: Gmail can now preview Docs, Sheets, and Slides even if the corresponding app isn't installed

One thing I have often found annoying was how Google Drive could at least preview Docs, Sheets, and Slides, even if the corresponding app wasn't installed, but Gmail couldn't. Gmail used to try routing these links to the different apps if they were installed, but in case they weren't, it would open the file in the browser.

That's changed in the latest versions of Gmail. I tested it on v and compared with v on another device. Both devices only have the Google Drive installed and none of its subsidiaries. When I tapped on an attached or linked Docs file on the older version, it opened it in Chrome and showed a pop-up to remind me to download the Docs app (left screenshot below).

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The latest versions of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to restore deleted files


Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides improve tables and charts on Android [APK Download]

Tables and charts are some of the most commonly used elements in Google's Drive suite of apps, but they can be a little clunky on mobile. Today, Google has updated Docs, Slides, and Sheets on Android to make these organizational tools easier to use than ever before.

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Add-ons for Docs and Sheets are now on Google Play

Two years ago Google introduced extensions for Google Docs and Sheets. These third-party add-ons expanded on what the browser-based word processor and spreadsheet could do, often integrating them with online services. Now that functionality has made its way to Android.

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Embedded Charts From Google Sheets Can Now Be Updated In Docs Or Slides With A Single Click

Embedding charts into a document is one of those basic office app functions that you take for granted. It's important that you can do it, but you may not see an obvious way embedding charts could be improved. Google did, though: rather than re-embedding every time the underlying data changes—which would require deleting the old embed and adding the replacement—you can now just click a button to refresh the chart.

This is one of those details that won't affect the workflow of a lot of people, but for those it does affect it will be a huge timesaver. If your organization shares a lot of documents, for instance, you might wonder if the graphics have gone out of date.

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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides Updates Automatically Download Recently Opened Files For Offline Editing [APK Download]

The problem of having files stored in the cloud is that they're not accessible when you're offline. For a while now, Google has been attempting to change this by making files on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides available to download for offline viewing or editing.

With the latest update to the three apps, any file that has recently been opened will be downloaded to your device. (Note: Slides has not rolled out yet, but we'll let you know when it does.) If you lose your internet connection, this file will be available offline. The changes you make will then be synced back once you've got an internet connection.

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Google Sheets For Android Gets Image-Rendering And Slides Gets Theme Chooser In Latest Updates [APK Download]

Two noteworthy improvements found their way into the latest set of routine updates for Google's office suite on Android, both implementing desktop features into the mobile counterpart. Sheets will now properly render images while Slides now allows users to choose between 18 pre-supplied themes.

Sheets has already been able to manage images within its web app for some time now, but they weren't visible if you opened the spreadsheet in the Android version. With today's update, the Android app will render images with just a few quirks. The main limitation is that in frozen rows, behavior will be fairly unpredictable.

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