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PSA: Google Sound Search Widget Won't Save Your Search History In Marshmallow Anymore

Back in August, we spotted Google's new Sound Search widget tucked away inside an Android M Developer Preview. There are now two different Sound Search widgets in Marshmallow: one of them is bundled into Google's Search app and the other is from the dedicated Sound Search app, which has been upgraded to version 1.2.0 with Android 6.0 (on the other hand, the version in the Play Store still hasn't been updated for two years).

Despite the fresh coat of paint, the latest Sound Search app does lack some features that were available in the old version, not the least of which is the ability to quickly access your previously searched songs.

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Some Users Are Seeing 'Identify What's Playing' Audio Prompts In Google Play Music's Search Screen

You know how you can press the little music icon while you're doing a Google voice search, and it will identify a song playing in the background Shazam-style? It looks like that functionality is making its way to the Android version of Google Play Music as well. A few of our readers and one Android Police staff member have seen the "listen for music" prompt while using the built-in search function in Google's default music player. It looks like this:

Screenshot_2015-09-23-01-46-36 Screenshot_2015-09-23-01-46-46 Screenshot_2015-09-24-12-11-31

The tool appears to be independent of specific versions of Google Play Music or the Google search app, so we're probably looking at another Google A-B testing session with server-side functionality enabled.

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Shazam Adds Android Wear Support And Google Voice Search Integration

The new version of Shazam has a feature that will probably appeal to smartwatch people. You can now use your Android Wear watch to identify songs and see lyrics without ever touching your phone. In fact, you only have to touch the watch twice (or zero times) to get it done.


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Shazam 5.1 Arrives Sporting A Material Look, Holding Hands With Spotify, And Knowing The Latest Trends

For a big, bald genie like Shazam, keeping up with the latest trends can be a struggle. But—crap, this is embarrassing.

Ahem. For a music identification and discovery app like Shazam, it's important to keep up with whatever's currently trending. So the latest version has received a brand new redesign that focuses on just that. The new homescreen places an emphasis on what's popular, what people are listening to in your city, and what your friends consider dope (through Facebook support).

I know, you stopped reading at "redesign." It's the big one, so take a look.

Shazam1 Shazam2 Shazam4

How FAB.

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Shazam Integrates Google Play Music Track Streaming And Purchasing Into Its Android App

Shazam, the app that makes identifying songs and TV show sound bites simple, also makes acquiring said content easy as well. Now the company has announced that it's adding Google Play Music to the app's list of supported streaming services and is integrating it directly into the experience. It's even giving Google's offering top placement.

The latest version of the Android app shows the store alongside Rdio, Beats Music, and Spotify. The option to stream is available in a drop-down arrow next to the play button. It's adjacent to a new Get It On Google Play button that will kick you out to the Play Music app to make the purchase.

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[Update: It's Here] Shazam Will Now Stream Full Songs In-App Via Rdio, Android App Update Coming Soon

Update: The Android version of Shazam has now received this update as well. Here's the new changelog posted to the Play Store.

What's new:

This release brings full track playback in Shazam, powered by Rdio. Once you’re connected, you can play any track and carry on listening to the music as you discover more in the app. Shazam a song to get started.

2014-07-25 16.11.14

Shazam, the company whose app uses a phone or tablet's microphone to identify a song or TV show, has partnered with Rdio to offer users full in-app song playback. Previously Shazam kicked users out to a separate app to check out the track.

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Google Adds A Ton Of Glassware Just Before I/O, Including Duolingo, Zombies Run, Shazam, And Livestream

Admit it, Glass owners, half the reason you're going to Google I/O is that you want to chat with other Glass people about how cool Glass is (hashtag throughglass). Google has given you plenty to chat about: they've just thrown a dozen new apps into the Glassware gallery, all of them from notable sources. Probably the most interesting is Livestream, the official app for, which was previously available as a side-load install.

Livestream Duolingo lyrics_mafic_coldplay

StarChart TheGuardian ZombiesRun

Clockwise from left: Livestream, Duolingo, MusiXmatch, Star Chart, The Guardian, and Zombies Run!

Other possibly useful additions include a Glassified version of the Duolingo language learning app, a really cool take on the augmented reality Star Chart app, heads-up versions of the Runtastic and Zombies Run!

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[Deal Alert] Shazam A Song And Get $1.29 In Amazon MP3 Credit, Good For One Free Song

When a catchy song pops up on the radio, during a television commercial, or over the speakers of a general department store, and you don't know who is singing, it's time to whip out Shazam. Now if you live in the US and take the time to Shazam a song - allow your phone to listen to and figure out what is playing - it will reward you with $1.29 in Amazon MP3 credit. This is enough money to turn around and download the song in question.

Shazam1 Shazam2 Shazam3

The process is pretty straightforward, and it shouldn't take much effort to walk away with your free $1.29.

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Shazam Can Add Songs To An Rdio Playlist And Show Auto-Scrolling Lyrics In Portrait After 2.6 Update

Music discovery app Shazam has always been a bit stylish by Android standards, but today's update adds both some more modern visual polish and notable usability upgrades. In particular, the auto-scrolling lyric function has been improved in version 2.6: it now supports a more natural portrait layout and much more readable text, doing away with the funky word art. Auto-scroll isn't universal, but when it works it's pretty neat. That should be a boon to your impromptu karaoke sessions.

Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-36-33 Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-34-46 Screenshot_2014-04-10-22-34-57

New version with portrait auto-scrolling lyrics.

Shazam now integrates better with Rdio, a partnership that began earlier this year.

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Shazam Gets New Results Screen With Recommendations, Improved Biographies, And More

When the name of that song playing in the background escapes you, Shazam is the most common way to figure it out. This app has a few hundred million installs on Google Play – no big deal, or anything. A recent update has brought the updated experience that was teased at MWC to the Android app, so get your updates started.

2014-03-04 14.44.17 2014-03-04 14.44.32 Screenshot_2014-03-03-13-29-34

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