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Snag a 50" Sharp 4K Roku TV for $200 at Best Buy ($200 off) and get a free Nest Mini

Anyone in the market for a new TV might want to take a look at this offering from Best Buy. The company is discounting the 50” Sharp 4K Roku TV by $200 and including the highly reviewed Nest Mini for free.

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Snag a 55" 4K Sharp TV with Roku for $300 at Best Buy - other sizes are discounted too

With everyone moving away from cable subscriptions to various streaming services, it's becoming more judicious to have some form of Smart TV in the house. Either you get a set that has the functionality built in or you buy a separate top-box, but in both cases, you can't go wrong with Roku's ecosystem as it's the most widely-supported by all streaming providers (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, etc...). And today, we have a few deals that will make your purchase a little sweeter.

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Sharp's Aquos R2 Compact has double the notches, double the fun?

Sharp has been making strides in the bezel-elimination race for years. In 2014, it released the Aquos Crystal, which had practically no bezels at all on three sides of the display (and a huge one on the fourth). Then, in August 2017, the company beat Apple and even Essential to the punch with the first commercially available notched-display smartphone. Now, Sharp is continuing to try new things with the Aquos R2 Compact, which has not one, but two display cutouts.

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Sharp enters mobile OLED display market, launches AQUOS Zero

If there ever was a market that could do with more competition, it's the OLED smartphone display industry. Samsung has long ruled the roost with its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, with LG and Sony several paces behind. There are other, less visible players in the market, of course, but overall it's a relatively small group, considering the panels are now a hallmark of premium handsets. A new competitor has entered the market as of today, however. Japan's Sharp has announced that it will offer OLED panels in its new smartphones this year starting with the AQUOS Zero, and also plans to sell displays to other manufacturers.

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Sharp announces the Aquos S2 with a near bezel-free design and mid-range specs

The year 2017 will go down in history for being the beginning of the end for bezels. Who needs 'em anyway? Samsung, LG, Apple, and others are doing everything possible to get rid of all that unused space on the front of their phones, but Sharp has been tinkering with the bezel-free approach for some time. Remember the Aquos Crystal from a few years ago? Now, Sharp has unveiled the Aquos S2, which bears a striking resemblance to the Essential Phone.

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Sharp Aquos S1 and S2 bezel-less phones leaked, S2 reportedly has under-glass fingerprint reader

Sharp hasn't sold phones in North America for a while, but the company is still working on some very interesting devices. Back in 2014, it released the Aquos Crystal, one of the first "bezel-less" phones to hit the market (I use that term loosely, because it had a massive bottom bezel). Now it appears to be working on two similar phones, the Sharp Aquos S1 and S2.

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Sharp takes the wraps off of the Aquos R for Japan, Snapdragon 835, 5.3" QHD display, and more in tow

Over in Japan, Sharp has taken the wraps off of its newest flagship. Dubbed the Aquos R, it features some top-tier specs with a lot of hype around the display technology and included artificial intelligence. The choice of the letter 'R' has a four-fold meaning around which the phone's marketing will be unified: Reality, Response, Reliability, and Robotics.

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Feeling flat, musicians? Google Home can play you a key - just ask it (update: it's really broken)

Here's a Google Home trick we haven't seen really publicized: the Assistant in Home can play you a six-note scale in any key. (Note: This does not seem to work on the Pixel Assistant. Sigh. Correction: See update, this is just really broken in general, unfortunately.) Just tell Home to play you any key - for example, "play me a B sharp" - and the Assistant will respond with an ascending six-note scale. Neat.

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Android One heads to Japan with the Sharp 507SH

Android One isn't Google's most-loved product initiative, but it does proposition consumers with a deal they aren't getting anywhere this side of a Nexus: updates direct from Google and minimal bloatware. Android One has predominantly launched in Southeast Asia and a few other locations - such as Turkey - but has remained firmly out of tier-one economies to date. Today's announcement by Google, Sharp, and Y! Mobile, then, is quite interesting.

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[Deal Alert] eBay Has A Sharp 70-inch 4K Android TV For $1599.99 ($200 Off Retail Price)

While it's hardly taking the world by storm, it looks like Android TV is gaining enough of a footing that there are now high-end televisions equipped with Google's entertainment OS being discounted on a regular basis. (Of course, that might simply indicate that no one is buying them. Either way, it means low prices for us.) Today's television deal comes from Sharp, and it's a big-un: the LC-70UE30U, a 70-inch, 4K smart TV. Buydig's eBay outlet has a new model on sale for $1599.99, a solid $200 off of the price for most remaining new stock.

The LC-70UE30U includes Android TV running on a quad-core processor of unknown origin (though I'm betting it's one of Qualcomm's inexpensive SoC systems).

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