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Pocket Beta v6.0.1 Introduces New Share Menu That Can Send To Multiple Services At Once, Including Your New Public Profile Page

What do you do with something you want to save for later? You stick it in your Pocket. Simple. But what about when you're ready to share it with someone? Well, you could hand things out to one user at a time. Or, with the latest beta update, you can share things to your new public profile page for everyone to see.

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Nearby Is Now Official, API Enabling Proximity-Based Connections Will Come Included With Google Play Services 7.8

Last year we received information that Google was working on an initiative called "Nearby" that would enable Android devices to communicate with people, places, and devices that were in close proximity. In the time since, things have mostly been silent. We've seen similar functionality pop up in the likes of Chromecast guest mode and trusted devices, but not the full shebang.

Now, Google is taking the feature public. In a post over on its developers blog, the company details ways in which Nearby will make sharing information with someone nearby easier than exchanging account information or scanning QR codes.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Direct Share Can Provide Share Links To Specific Contacts Or Conversations Inside Apps

Android's share menu has always been useful and extensible, but Android M will make it even more handy with the addition of direct share. This is a set of APIs that will let developers specify sharing targets deeper inside their apps. So instead of sharing that photo to Hangouts, for example, you might be able to share it to a specific contact in Hangouts in a single tap.


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[Android M Feature Spotlight] The New Share Menu Is Simplified, Shows Many More Apps At Once Instead Of One Option Per Line

For many, this one falls into the category of "fixing problems you didn't know you had." If you have a lot of apps installed, though, you probably have already been frustrated by the share menus on previous Android versions. God forbid the app you want falls too low in the alphabet, because you will be scrolling like the dickens to share with it. Android developers clearly recognized that they were really wasting some space, so the Android M version is a lot more efficient.

Screenshot_2015-05-28-15-48-01 Screenshot_2015-05-28-15-48-08 Screenshot_20150528-154820

Left and middle: the old share menu Right: the new one

If you look closely, you'll notice that you can actually see more share options in the compact version of the new menu than you could in the fully expanded view of the old one.

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Microsoft Office Delve Shows You The Latest Changes To Shared Office 365 Documents And Contacts

Wouldn't it be nice if every international tech company was as accommodating to competing platforms as Microsoft? The company's Android support for the last year or so has been nothing short of amazing - it must make all twenty Windows Phone users really pissed off at Google for its lack of reciprocation. The latest Microsoft app to make the jump to Android is Delve, a collaboration tool for Office 365 users.

Delve is basically a stream of all the changes made to shared Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to which you have access. That might not seem like much, but for a team that runs on Office 365 it can be extremely useful.

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Chrome v42 Automatically Includes A Screenshot When You Share A Webpage

Google rolled Chrome v42 out to the beta channel a few days ago with website notifications, but there's another interesting feature hiding in there. Sharing has been improved in a neat way—it will automatically include a screenshot when you share to a number of apps.

2015-03-13 10.08.20 2015-03-13 10.07.50

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Fliktu Aims To Be A Smarter Sharing Menu For Android

Android's system-level sharing menu has always been a great asset, making it easy to get content into different apps quickly. Fliktu is a new app created by the lead Android developer of Pocket that adds some more features to sharing and opening links. All you need to do is give your device a little flick.

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[Update: Here's How To Get It] Google Keep Note-Sharing Support Is Rolling Out To Users Starting Today [APK Download]

Update: The feature should be live for everyone. To get it, go to Google Keep on the web. You should see this message.


Once you share your first note, the feature will fire up inside the Android app as well.


You don't need the latest version of Keep for this to work, but we're including the latest APK at the bottom of this post regardless.

Google will soon give Keep users the ability to share their notes with friends and family members. How soon? It says the feature will start coming to Android devices today through the Play Store. It may even be a server-side change, one that doesn't require an app update and is already hitting Android devices (but here's the latest update just in case).

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35 Hits Version 2.0, Now Offers Premium Accounts For $5 A Month Or $45 A Year

It's challenging to differentiate yourself in a field crowded by the likes of Evernote, Todoist, and Wunderlist. All of these services can manage your lists just fine, and they can each sync across whichever devices you want them to. So what does have up its sleeve for its big 2.0 release?

This time, it's all about collaboration, as the team has expanded on how users share tasks. They want the service to be the tool you and your significant other turn towards to manage your shopping lists and other tasks that require you to be on the same page. Likewise, the team sees its app as the best option for other teams to use to get work done and stay organized.

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