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Google Photos v2.13 adds video stabilization, hints at possible Google+ integration [APK Download + Teardown]

There's nothing like adding great new features with an update. The latest version of Photos began its rollout yesterday and it enables a video stabilization feature we've been looking forward to for months. A teardown of the apk also raises the question: Would the Photos app ever find itself reintegrating Google+ in some way? If you're not in the mood to wait for this version to hit your device, hit the APK Mirror link at the bottom to get this update a bit early.

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Evernote launches redesigned sharing tool on Android

Android's sharing features have always been rather good in general, but Evernote is looking to streamline the process. It's rolling out a new version of its built-in sharing tool today on Android. It allows you to send notes to others via almost any messaging app without ever leaving Evernote.

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Facebook adds Live Location feature to Messenger

Sharing your location with friends and family can be extremely helpful in some situations. Google Maps started rolling out location sharing a few days ago, and now Facebook has added a similar feature to Facebook Messenger.

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Microsoft GigJam is a really smart way to temporarily collaborate and selectively share with others

I had never heard of GigJam before today, but it immediately impressed me. This Office365 service, which started out as a closed Preview then was opened to everyone on Windows, Mac, and iOS in June of 2016, is now out of its testing phase and finally available on the Play Store.

The idea is simple enough: you want to share a specific document or piece of information with someone to get their opinion, negotiate with them, give them advice, show them how things should be done, etc, but you don't want to share all the document and you don't want it to be available to them past the needed time.

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YouTube Music v1.46 enables sharing tracks from the queue, prepares for full playlist support and setting max resolution [APK Teardown + Download]

With so many things happening this week surrounding Google's new hardware, it's easy to overlook some of the software updates rolling out. The latest version bump to YouTube Music doesn't include much in the way of visible changes, but a teardown of the apk also reveals some worthwhile additions in the works for the future. As always, the apk is ready and waiting at the APK Mirror link below if the Play Store isn't already serving the latest version to you.

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Google Photos rolling out faster photo sharing and 'Movie Concepts' [APK Download]

Google Photos remains one of my favorite Google products. Unlimited free photo uploads (at a capped resolution), easy organization, automatic tagging, the list of features goes on and on. Google Photos is rolling out two new features today that improve sharing and automatic video creation.

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Audible app update adds shareable audio clips, reorganized channels, and bug fixes

Amazon's official audiobook outlet is getting a few tweaks after its latest update. The most notable is Clips, a new feature that allows users to easily create and share bite-sized portion of an audiobook narration from within the app. Here, let me show you a Clip from one of the Harry Dresden novels in my Audible library (feel free to critique my taste in the comments).

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Google Adds Shared Albums To Google Photos, Coming Today To Android, iOS, And Web

The Google Photos app had some cool sharing features when it was released back in May, but now it's getting even better at sharing. Google has announced the addition of shared albums to Photos (announced a few months ago), and it's available today on Android, iOS, and web.

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Latest Google Drive App Update Lets You Request Access To Files You Don't Have Access To

A new version of Google's cloud storage app is making its way to the Play Store. According to a post on the company's blog, the latest Drive release lets people request access to content links that they've received via email, an instant message, or some other method.

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Pocket Beta v6.0.1 Introduces New Share Menu That Can Send To Multiple Services At Once, Including Your New Public Profile Page

What do you do with something you want to save for later? You stick it in your Pocket. Simple. But what about when you're ready to share it with someone? Well, you could hand things out to one user at a time. Or, with the latest beta update, you can share things to your new public profile page for everyone to see.

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