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Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides show comment notifications on Android and Web [APK Download]

When you're working on a shared Google Drive document, spreadsheet, or presentation, you often get lots of comments highlighting specific sections and pointing out things to change, fix, or work on. Previously, those comments would be condensed into an email and that was your only way of knowing someone has something new to say about one of your files.

Now, comment notifications will show up on the web as well as in all three Google apps. Docs, Sheets, and Slides already got a notifications setting in a previous update, but they'll now use that to also surface comments on your shared documents, just like in the screenshot above.

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Google Drive v2.4 Adds Inline Uploads And User-Selectable Colored Folders, May Soon Add Various Smart Recommendations And More [APK Teardown + Download]

While Google has been pushing out a ton of OS and app updates, the Drive team got out one of its own. This is a perfectly good update on its own, but it also includes clues to some upcoming features, too. In this update, you'll find a newly revised look and operation for uploading files, and there's even a color picker for folders. (Yey!) On the teardown side, we can look forward to recommendations for files, a shortcut to "Team Drives," and possibly even another form of device backup. Oh yeah, and the FAB changes color.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Drive Gets Better Contextual Menus, Access To Trash, And Avatars For Shared Files

Things are shaking a bit in the Google Drive app on Android. Last week, the app got an update to let you control notifications for shared files and now it's ready to add a couple of other new features.

In the next release, the information icon that shows up next to files and folders will be replaced by a much clearer contextual button. The menu that got triggered used to fill out the entire screen, but now it'll be a simple pop-up on the bottom of the screen with a list of actions you can take.

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Google Drive Now Lets You Disable Shared File Notifications On Android

Google Drive has been giving us notifications about new shared files and requests to access our files for several months, but the notification setting was only accessible from Drive on the web. If you were wondering how to turn it off after you saw it on your phone, you were probably stumped. That's why the Drive team is rolling out an update that adds a Notification pane in the app's settings, which allows you to toggle them on or off.

The settings also let you pick a sound, enable vibration, and choose whether you get notified only for new shared items, or for requests for access, or both.

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