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Google Photos v4.1 prepares live albums, mixing together of albums and shared libraries [APK Teardown]

Google Photos is fairly fresh off of its Material Theme update, but the latest version doesn't appear to have any significant changes on the surface to add to the new look. But that's not where the interesting things are on this update, we're looking into the APK to find details of what is coming in the future. The big addition will be an enhanced album that uses facial recognition to fill itself with pictures of your family and friends. Photos will also begin directing people to install a RAW editor if they're taking photos in that mode.

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Likes for photos and videos in shared albums are rolling out to more people in Google Photos

Back at the beginning of March, we spotted an upcoming "like" feature, along with a heart icon, in a Google Photos APK teardown. Three months later, likes are rolling out to many for shared photos and videos, and they function exactly as you'd expect them to.

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Google Photos v1.25 allows album owners to block access to individuals and promises to add video stabilization [APK Teardown + Download]

We've hit that point in the year where Google's apps tend to feature smaller improvements and knock off some of the smaller to-do items. Yesterday's Google Photos update is no different. The latest version gives users the ability to ban individuals from shared albums and puts a link to the local image removal tool right in the navigation drawer. A teardown also shows we can look forward to a simple video stabilization feature and possible more video editing capabilities in the future.

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Google Announces And Demos Chromecast Support, Shared Albums, And People Labeling In Google Photos

Last week Cody tore down Google Photos 1.5 and saw what was on the way. We then got confirmation yesterday. Now Google has shown the features off for the world to see.

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[Exclusive] Google Photos Update Will Add Chromecast Support, People Labeling, And Shared Albums

Raise your hand if you've heard this one before. No? Come on, I know Cody doesn't pore over every line of code in every update of Google's apps for nothing. I'm pretty sure you remember what he came across just last week when he tore down Google Photos 1.5. That was a very popular post too — almost 1500 social shares. Ah see, now you know what I'm talking about.

Yes, Google Photos, the app that broke free of Google+'s shackles and is now basking in the glory of untethered updates and improvements, is getting ready for a big bump. How big?

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