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The Nokia 2.3 would've been a good 2020 burner phone if it weren't for microUSB

HMD Global is keeping up the pace on releasing new Nokia-branded Android smartphones (and TVs!) with yearly refreshes on its varied series ranging from the premium side to the penny-pinchers. For the most part, the new Nokia 2.3 brings progress for its most basic line of offerings, but as we're headed to 2020, there's one big thing about this phone that doesn't scream "future-proof": the microUSB connector.

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Walmart Announces Walmart Pay For Buying Walmart Stuff With Your Phone (At Walmart)

Unlike some of my colleagues in the tech media, I don't have any particular beef with Walmart. Yes, they sell cheap imported crap, and yes, they under-pay their employees, stiffing both the people who make stuff and the people who sell stuff. But if you object to that strongly enough to actually change your buying habits, you'll soon run out of places to buy things. I do, however, object to the idea of a mobile payment system that works at exactly one store. That's taking the biggest problem with mobile payments as a whole, the lack of inter-operability, and turning it into a selling point.

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