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11 Android widgets that are actually useful

Widgets have long been one of the more unique features of the Android operating system, allowing your various homescreen panels to be more than just a grid of little icons. You can set aside space for functional (and occasionally, actually attractive!), dynamic tools that do everything from control music playback or show you to the weather, to monitoring your phone's CPU and data usage stats. But as widgets have generally declined in popularity, it's become a little tougher to find ones that remain actively supported and, at the least, don't openly clash with modern Android's design aesthetic. Here are 11 of our favorites.

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SeriesGuide v53 update brings light and dark theme switching to the masses

Frequent TV watchers or ardent fans of specific series are likely familiar with SeriesGuide, which makes it much easier to follow your favorite shows, get notifications for new episodes, and even sync your lists across devices. A new version of the app (v53) is rolling out now, and trickling light/dark theme switching down from an in-app purchase to a standard feature, and bringing support for system-level theme switching on supported devices, among other smaller changes.

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Popular TV Show Tracking App 'SeriesGuide' Booted From The Play Store

Feel free to change the channel if you've seen this one before, but the widely used SeriesGuide app has disappeared from Google Play. This piece of phone and tablet-friendly software is great for tracking which episodes and series you've watched and keeping up with new releases. Earlier today the developers sent out a tweet alerting users to the app's removal.

If we had to wager a guess as to why Google pulled SeriesGuide, it's probably from the use of unapproved images on the app's Play Store page.

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