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20 great co-op games for Android in 2020

Android games with proper co-op modes aren't especially easy to find, and even harder to search for on a place like Google's Play Store. That's why we've compiled a list of 20 of our favorite co-op titles for Android smartphones and tablets here. These games offer simple ways to play with friends and family instead of relying on randomized online partners, making for a more personal and connected gaming experience.

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15 Chrome productivity extensions to work smarter, not harder, on your Chromebook

Extensions are among Google Chrome's most powerful tools, but it can be hard to weed out the ones that are actually good and helpful versus those that might be resource hogs or woefully outdated. And while web apps are great, extensions work across basically the entirety of the Chrome browser, making them, in a way, the "native" apps of Chromebooks. We know a thing or two about doing work on the web (hi, welcome to our blog!), and we all tend to use Google Chrome for a lot of that work. We've picked up a few extensions along the way that we think you're going to love, so here are 10 of our favorites for working smarter, not harder.

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How to turn your smartphone into a professional Zoom webcam: Mounts, lights, and more

While you'd think that the world's webcam supply chain would have caught up with demand from the many millions of folks working from home by now, you'd be wrong. Logitech is still sold out of every model it makes online, and questionable cheap webcams popping up here and there on Amazon probably aren't a wise investment. But you do have a professional webcam at home, you just may have forgotten about it: your smartphone. With a few simple gadgets, you make your phone into a pro videoconferencing rig in a snap, and be the envy of everyone at the virtual office.

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Free trials for Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and tons of other streaming services

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu all have free trial policies, but not all of them advertise them in a clear way. It's also possible you've just not used them in a while and have forgotten you could be getting up to a month of free stuff to watch using a different email—we won't tell. But beyond the big players like HBO and YouTube Premium, there are probably a whole bunch of streaming services you didn't even know existed in the first place: be it indie films, horror, anime, British TV like Doctor Who, or just classic flicks you can rent for free from your library, there's a whole lot of free stuff to watch out there right now.

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How to read all your local library's books on your phone or Kindle for free

Reading the news can be a bit of a drag at the moment, and spending money on more and more streaming subscriptions can really start to eat into your monthly budget. As more of us turn to a good book to escape reality, we may be starting to realize that books can be a bit expensive, especially for newer, in-demand titles. And with local libraries closed, our avenue for free literature seems to have gone away with them. But it hasn't, at least, for many: there's a little app called Libby, and as long as you have a library card and your library supports it, you may be able to freely access thousands of books straight from your phone or Kindle.

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The best smart light bulbs that work with your Google Home

Smart light bulbs are an increasingly crowded space, and an increasingly confusing one as a result. It's rapidly become difficult to tell which bulbs properly work with your Google Home, Google smart display, or Android smartphone, how well, and whether you should opt for a hub, hubless, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth-enabled bulbs.

We've got some experience with all this stuff, and so we've put together this guide. We think these are the best light bulbs on any budget for your Google Home and Assistant-enabled smart home.

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Watch live TV on all of your devices with YouTube TV, Sling TV, and more

Let's face it: The coronavirus quarantine would be that much more unbearable without smartphones, Wi-Fi, and streaming services to keep us entertained. If you've only been binging movies and Tiger King on Netflix, though, you're completely missing out on another source of content. Here's how you can access live TV on your existing family of devices, including Android phones, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

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The best Android apps to track nutrition, calories, and weight

Spending more time at home can mean you're less active, but it could also lead to less than healthy changes to your diet (we aren't judging). Although there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, takeout every night may be sustainable for your waistline in the long run. Because we care about your health and well-being (and you should too!), we've put together a list of apps that can help you maintain a healthy diet and even provide meal recommendations.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

We often don't realize the number of calories we're eating versus how many we need to sustain our weight.

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5 amazing YouTube channels you might actually learn something from

YouTube is a great way to spend 8 hours you suddenly realize have gone by when you get into 40 minute rants about ancient aliens, because its algorithms for suggesting content can be questionable, to say the least. Not everything that's popular is really all that informative or educational, and you may find your regular subscriptions just aren't keeping up with your increased content consumption habits of late. So, we thought we'd point out five channels we really enjoy that, at the very least, genuinely do seek to inform their viewers, and in some cases, actually tech them new skills. And we just think it's a good thing to give shoutouts to some of our favorite creators right now, as we enter a time of economic uncertainty.

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5 great USB charging stations that will keep all your gadgets ready for action

We live in interesting times—most of us are staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus. Many people are also trying to jury-rig a home office to get work done. That might mean you've got devices like laptops, phones, and tablets floating around that need charging, and you probably want to avoid the inevitable tangle of cables. A charging station can come in handy during these trying times, and here are the best ones you can get.

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