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30 of the best retro games ported to Android

Alright everybody, it's now time for another Android gaming roundup. Previously I have covered classic games that received a modern makeover, and today I will be concentrating on classic games that have been ported over to our OS with very few changes. This means the titles listed below will mostly retain their original look, and are only slightly updated for use with touchscreen controls and modern hardware. For many of us, these are the games we grew up playing, and they are just as great now for new and old players alike. So without further ado, here are the best retro games that have been ported to Android.

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30 Android apps with dark themes that are easy on the eyes

Personally, I love dark themes in apps. Oftentimes, one of the first things I do is switch to the Night or Dark Mode in every one that supports it. Since I know that I'm not the only one out there that wants my apps to reflect my soul, I gathered together thirty to help some of you get started on your path to the dark side. 

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10 very cool augmented reality apps (that aren't design or shopping tools)

Augmented reality is having a moment on Android. Thanks to ARCore, which now works on more than a dozen device models—Google says that's more than 100 million individual devices—we've seen a ton of new applications that insert virtual objects into our real surroundings. A lot of them are shopping and interior design apps, which makes sense—AR's ability to make items appear in your home is a great way to see what a couch looks like in your living room without actually lugging it in there. But AR can do so much more. Here are 10 augmented reality apps that are useful, fascinating, or just plain cool.

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30 of the best games for Google Daydream

Daydream virtual reality games may not have a huge following, but that doesn't mean there aren't quite a few quality titles out there for those of you who enjoy dabbling in mobile VR entertainment. So I have taken it upon myself to compile what I think are the best games on the platform in this Daydream roundup here. There are a total 30 VR games in this list, and almost all of them are either free or paid upfront. This way you won't have to worry about any expensive hidden costs. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and dive on in.

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Best Android games of 2017 for your new phone, tablet, or Chromebook

With Christmas only a day away, I thought it would be nice to compile the best games of the year in one of our gaming roundups so that everyone can find some quality releases to play through on their new phone, tablet, or Chromebook. I have personally hand picked every single one of these games, so there may be some included in the list that you may have never heard of, but rest assured every game is a high-quality release. As a matter of fact, as I was putting this list of 30 games together I came across quite a few titles than would be a shame to not mention.

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15 Christmas-themed Android apps, games, live wallpapers, and watch faces to get you in the holiday spirit

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be prudent to put together a list of apps, games, live wallpapers, and watch faces that are appropriately holiday-themed. There are a total of 15 Play Store listings within this list, and each one has been hand-picked. So if you are looking for some great Android-specific apps with a Christmas theme, you have clicked on the right listicle.

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10 great Android games you can play on your TV with Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is often an ignored platform for gaming, but that doesn't mean there aren't a couple of quality titles to check out on your Chromecast enabled TV. Heck, you don't even necessarily need a Chromecast as you can take advantage of any Android TV device to stream the games listed in today's roundup. So without further ado, here are 10 Chromecast enabled games you can enjoy by streaming them directly to your TV.

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20 classic games remade on Android with a modern design

Alright everybody, it's now time for another Android gaming roundup. For today's list I will be concentrating on classic games that have been updated for modern mobile gaming. That means new graphics, new gameplay, or maybe just some good old fashioned tweaks to a timeless story that expands on its classic roots. So without further ado, let's dive on in!

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30 of the best Android Games to get you in the mood for Halloween

Halloween is a special time of year when the temperature outside is just right, the trees are displaying their full fall foliage, and pumpkin flavored everything can be found on your store shelves. In order to incorporate the holiday into Android gaming I have decided to hunt down some of the better horror-filled games released this year to give you all a fun holiday themed post that should get you in the mood for an enjoyable Halloween this Tuesday.

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Comparing the best Twitter clients for Android (2017 edition)

For the longest time, the Twitter Android app just wasn't very good. Sure it was functional, but it was clear that Twitter was focusing more on its iOS client. Third-party clients were, for that time period, the absolute best way to use Twitter on Android devices. Even though the official app has improved drastically over the past year or so, especially with the Material makeover, there are still plenty of excellent alternative clients.

Many Twitter clients have been abandoned after hitting the API token limit, and since it can be hard to keep track of which apps are still in active development, I figure a comparison might be a good idea.

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