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In Android P, notifications for apps running in the background show if they're using the camera or microphone

Android has been combating mischievous apps that run in the background for several years. It started with showing you a notification each time an app did something in the background, and with the first P developer preview, a tighter control was put in place for idle apps (different from background apps) to stop them from using the microphone or camera. But there's one more change coming with Android P, as seen in the screenshot above.

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Android P DP2 adds 'Manage notifications' shortcut to the notification shade

The second developer preview of Android P dropped yesterday during the Google I/O keynote, and we're still picking through it to find changes and improvements. One of the smaller additions that users might not have noticed yet is a new button at the bottom of the notification shade.

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Tip: Replying to a notification in Android P no longer dismisses it, multiple replies are possible (Updated)

Android P DP1 introduced a lot of new features to messaging notifications like smart replies and inline photos, but there's one change that we didn't really notice until now. When you reply to a notification on Android P, it doesn't get dismissed immediately after, it stays there so you can send multiple replies and then dismiss when you want.

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[Update: New sound in DP2] Android P feature spotlight: Charging sounds finally work with wired USB chargers

There's little worse than going to pick up your phone when you need it, only to find out that it's not charged. And even when we're making our best efforts to keep our batteries topped-up, all it takes is a loose cable, or someone accidentally unplugging a power strip, for those good intentions to go to waste. Thankfully, Android P is introducing a new audio confirmation to give you a little peace of mind that your phone is charging as intended.

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[Update: Gone in DP2] Android P feature spotlight: New alarm toggle shows upcoming alarms and lets you quickly set new ones

The more we toss and turn this Android P developer preview, the more we discover new things we missed from the first go. Take this Alarm quick setting toggle for example. We hadn't spotted it at all until tipster Jordi brought it to our attention. And just like the Night Mode quick setting, it has a bit more info below it.

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Android P adds new Accessibility Menu for motor-impaired users

One of the main focuses in today's Google I/O keynote was accessibility. For example, one of the first announcements was a new morse code input for Gboard, giving motor-impaired users a much easier way to type. Another improvement wasn't as prominently featured - the new Accessibility Menu.

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Google confirms Android P will support Vulkan API 1.1

Android 7.0 was the first release to support 'Vulkan,' the cross-platform low-level graphics API designed as the successor to OpenGL. There are a number of Android games and emulators that utilize Vulkan, including the Dolphin emulator, PPSSPP, and 3DMark. Version 1.1 of the API was released in March of this year, and Google has now confirmed that Android P will include it.

The code for Vulkan 1.1 was merged into AOSP last month, so this isn't much of a surprise, but it's nice to get confirmation. The new version adds extensions for multi-view, device groups, HLSL support, and more.

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Android P DP2 restores 'Force stop' button on app info settings page

When Android P's first developer preview dropped in March, we noticed a number of changes to the app info settings page. Among the more bizarre was that the option to force stop an app had been relegated to the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right corner. Developer Preview 2 is out today, though, and good news, everyone: it's back to where it makes sense.

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Android P DP2 has a redesigned interface for triggering split screen apps

Split screen/multi-window apps were introduced back with Android 7.0 Nougat, and based on a poll we recently ran, the majority of our readers use it either infrequently or not at all. Nonetheless, it seems that with the recent changes to the multitasking UI in Android P DP2, the forgotten feature has received a bit of love from Google.

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Developer Preview 2 goes back to the paginated quick settings

Google makes a lot of changes over the course of a developer preview, and sometimes those changes end up reverted before the final release. That may be the case for the quick settings, which changed a lot in DP1. No, not the overall style, which is still very different than Oreo. The layout in DP2 (above right) has, however, returned to the paginated version.

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