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[Update: DP4 makes it an on/off affair] Android P lets you disable or change the vibration strength for calls, notifications, and touch

If there is one feature I've wanted in stock Android for a long time, it's the option to disable the vibration. I hate it with all my might and can't comprehend how so many OEM versions of Android have already understood the need to have a separate vibration option whereas stock just keeps it enabled regardless. Your phone rings? It has to vibrate too. No easy silent mode either, only vibrate or DND. Ugh, it's incomprehensible. But luckily, Android P has the burgeoning of a solution.

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[Update: Google is limiting OG Pixels from getting this feature] Android P Overview screen no longer allows for text selection or image copying in DP4 for some users

With the launch of the second developer preview of Android back in May, Google added a surprising and useful feature to the Overview interface. You could highlight and copy text and also make use of Android's smart text selection functionality. Optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities meant you could also pull text from images.

Even more interesting was that you could select and copy images in the same way, including those from apps that don't allow media to be shared (such as Instagram and Snapchat). Sadly, in DP4 this feature is no longer present.

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Android P developer preview includes a list of received files in connection settings [Update: It's just in a new place]

Direct Bluetooth file transfers have been available on Android since time immemorial, but Android P adds a long-overdue related feature. You can finally see a list of all transferred files. The menu is nestled in the connection settings—it's actually been there for a while, and no one noticed.

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Android P adds automatic setting for 24-hour time format

In Lebanon, when someone says it's 3 o'clock and it's daytime, we all know they mean 3pm and not 3 o'clock in the morning. So you can imagine my confusion when I moved to France for a year where everyone uses the 24-hour format and I had to do the mental gymnastics every time (pun intended) to figure out the correct time. There are countries where this is the norm and others where it's not, but until now, you had to manually pick that setting in your Android phone. Not with P though.

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Bluetooth section and NFC toggle in Android P DP4 moved to 'Connection preferences' settings submenu

One of the more minor additions to the previous Android P DP3 release was a series of Bluetooth changes, including an aptly descriptive "Previously connected devices" section and a reorganization for the Bluetooth toggle into its own Bluetooth section. Now DP4 has further reorganized both that Bluetooth subsection and the NFC toggle into the "Connection preferences" subsection.

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Call volume gets its own slider in settings on Android P DP4

The recently-released Android P developer preview 4 is meant to be one of the last two release candidates—according to Google's initial released timeline—and in general that means polishing up existing features more than introducing a lot of new ones. Even so, a few new tweaks are present in this latest build, like a new slider for controlling call volume in Settings -> Sound.

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Android P DP4 brings App Actions to the 2016 Pixels

One of the new features in Android P is 'App Actions,' where your phone will try to predict your next action based on previous usage. For example, if you connect your headphones, an App Action for launching Spotify might appear.

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Android P DP4 introduces new rotation toggle icon, gives it more prominent placement in gesture nav

The original Android P developer preview added a neat rotation toggle that let you lock the screen into portrait or landscape when auto-rotate was disabled. Google has played around with how to present this feature, and the new dev preview makes the biggest change yet. The button has been completely redesigned, and it shows up in a different location (sometimes).

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Google Pay is broken for many in Android P DP4, though a fix may be rolling out

Android P is shaping up to be a pretty sizable milestone for the platform, but although the beta releases have been surprisingly stable, they aren't without bugs. They are "previews" after all, and in the latest image, there is one small regression worth noting: SafetyNet tests are failing. As a result, services like Google Pay which check for device security using SafetyNet are also broken, though not every phone on the latest previews is affected. According to a few recent reports, a server-side fix for the issue may be rolling out. 

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[Update: Status bar also tweaked] Android P DP4 refreshes entire UI's iconography by removing fill

We'd thought that the latest Android P developer preview wouldn't be seeing very many visual changes given that it's the fourth of its kind, but it looks like we were wrong. DP4 has brought a pretty extensive iconography refresh, removing the fill from icons across the entire interface.

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