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Android P feature spotlight: You can now easily track which apps recently sent notifications

You probably get a lot of notifications on your phone. So many, in fact, it's easy to forget which apps were in that batch you just dismissed. Android P includes a handy menu that tracks recent notifications so you can disallow an app that's been pestering you in just a few taps.

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[Update: Solution] Android P feature spotlight: Battery menu no longer includes per-app usage data

The name of the game in Android updates is usually adding features, but occasionally we lose something. That seems to be the case in the battery menu. In past versions, you could see per-app battery usage in the system settings. In Android P, that's all gone. You can, however, see app usage in the developer options.

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Android P feature spotlight: USB menu gets revamped, lets you transfer files and charge a connected device simultaneously

The USB connection menu in Android P is getting a revamp. Gone is the small pop-up overlay and instead there's a fullscreen menu that introduces a few visual and functional changes.

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Android P feature spotlight: Adaptive brightness animates the quick settings slider as it changes

Adaptive brightness has long been a feature of Android smartphones. It uses an ambient light sensor, usually placed above the display, to measure the amount of light in the environment and change the brightness of the screen to best suit the conditions. It's often noticeable when changes occur, particularly right after you unlock your device, but now the quick settings brightness slider moves in tandem to further demonstrate this.

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Android P feature spotlight: Location accuracy is now a binary setting, battery saving mode is gone

Android P keeps on unveiling more and more of its hidden enhancements, and most of these have been relatively positive so far. This one, however, leaves me with my eyebrows raised a little. The location accuracy setting is now a binary choice of on/off, and it essentially removed the "battery saving" mode.

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Android P feature spotlight: A new lockdown option in the power menu turns off fingerprint unlocking and 'extended access'

It turns out that the screenshot button isn't the only new button in the power menu. In 'Lock screen preferences,' there's now a toggle called 'Show lockdown option' that brings a fourth button called 'Enter lockdown' to the menu. It's said to disable fingerprint unlocking and something called extended access, though we're not entirely sure what that is.

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Android P feature spotlight: Rotation can be temporarily locked to landscape, and other changes

As with all developer previews, Android P continues to surprise us with small but quite useful changes. This one is something I've always wanted since I keep my phone locked to portrait to avoid the flip flopping of the screen when reading in bed for example, but there are few instances I prefer landscape like when viewing photos or videos. Until now I had to toggle auto-rotate to do that then remember to lock it again, or use a third-party app that specifies rotation state on a per-app basis. But Android P has a nifty solution.

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Android P feature spotlight: Text selection shows a clearer zoom lens view

We've already spotted one change in text selection on Android P with the redesigned more compact options pop-up, but there's one more nifty thing we didn't notice at first. When you change selected text in Android P, you'll see a small pop-up on top with a zoomed in view that shows you exactly where your selection begins and ends. Check it in action in the gif below.

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Android P feature spotlight: Battery saver gets renamed several times, and it can be scheduled for anywhere between 5% and 70%

We already posted about battery saving mode no longer using flashy orange bars in Android P, but there's more to it than that. It also seems to be having an identity crisis with a total of three different names being used for it, and it's now adjustable to activate from anywhere between 5% and 70%.

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Android P feature spotlight: Up to 5 Bluetooth audio devices can be connected simultaneously via a new developer option

In Android 8.1 Oreo, the maximum number of Bluetooth audio devices that you can have connected at one time is two: one for call audio, and one for media. But in Android P, there's a new developer option that allows for up to five --- yes, five --- of your Bluetooth audio devices to be connected to one phone simultaneously.

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