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Android O feature spotlight: WiFi and cellular status bar icons switch positions again [order has been restored]

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring the most joy. Google often uses Android developer previews to test small changes and gauge public opinion on them ahead of a final release. This may or may not be one such example. Dev Preview 3 has reversed a tiny change that was made in the last version, namely changing the order of the WiFi and cellular icons on the status bar.

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Android O feature spotlight: Camera app updated to v4.4, with small UI tweaks [APK Download]

After the surprise early release of the 3rd Android O developer preview yesterday, everyone is busy searching for any subtle little changes here and there. The stock Android camera app was last updated back in February with new zoom and exposure controls. The new dev preview brings the camera up to version 4.4 and includes some minor UI tweaks.

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Android O feature spotlight: Ongoing media notifications are now colored based on album art / thumbnails

Android O's third developer preview has just landed, and we're already spotting some pretty cool changes. Among the first we spotted is color-coding for rich media notifications, meaning that these notifications will be themed based on album art / video thumbnails.

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Android O feature spotlight: Enabling developer options requires your device's passcode

Turning on the developer options menu has been the same for who knows how long. You always open settings, go to 'About phone,' and tap on the build number for a certain number of times (though most of us simply tap on it furiously). However, the second Android O developer preview has added another step: entering your device's PIN, password, or pattern.

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Android O feature spotlight: Dev options has new "Window animation scale" and "Force RTL layout direction" quick settings tiles

We've hit most of the high points in our quest to find all the important things in the new Android O beta. Still, there are some little tidbits that will interest developers and huge Android dorks (that's probably you). If you venture into the developer options, there are two new quick settings tiles to enable: "Window animation scale" and "Force RTL layout direction."

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Android O feature spotlight: The proximity sensor can turn off ambient display

Ambient display on the Android O developer preview is doing some odd things right now. It's showing a minimal and less useful UI for some people, while others see something more akin to the old version. Whatever is going on there, we do know of one small (but useful) change to ambient display in O—covering the proximity sensor now puts the phone back to sleep.

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[Update: O DP2 broke notification channels] Android O feature spotlight: Android tells you if an app is displaying a screen overlay

Being able to run apps that draw on top of other apps is a powerful feature of Android. Apps like Twilight take advantage of that to add a filter to the display, but other apps just show a floating UI element. However, this can also be a security concern. Android O offers a handy alert when an app is showing an overlay with a link to turn it off.

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Android O feature spotlight: The settings search now shows installed apps, results now have subtext

Google added a search function to the Android settings app back in Android 5.0, making it far easier for new users to find exactly what they need. Starting with Android O, the search results not only contain subtext to better explain the results, but apps are now included as well.

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Android O feature spotlight: Downloads of system updates can now be paused

Downloading massive files isn't always convenient, especially if you don't have great Internet. And unless you've still got an unlimited data plan, letting the download continue while you're on the move without WiFi is just a bad idea. Google seems to agree, as Android O's second developer preview now features a 'pause download' button.

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Android O feature spotlight: You can automatically enable WiFi near trusted networks, and it now works in DP2

The Android beta program gives us a chance to see the latest features of Android, some of which don't actually work yet. That was the case when the first developer preview came out with an option to automatically switch WiFi on when you get near a trusted network. The toggle was non-functional in the first dev preview, but it works in DP2.

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