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Sundar Pichai will succeed Larry Page as CEO of Alphabet, while continuing to serve as Google CEO

Back in 2015, Alphabet was established as the parent company to Google and its many project divisions. Amidst restructuring, Google's co-founder and then-CEO, Larry Page, moved to oversee Alphabet while the SVP of Products, Sundar Pichai, was promoted as the new CEO of Google. Today, the company has signaled another monumental shift in Alphabet's business structure by announcing that Pichai will be succeeding Page as the CEO of both Google and Alphabet.

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Sundar Pichai and Sergey Brin defend Google's investments in China

Over the past few weeks, details have emerged about Google's upcoming products for China. After largely exiting the country eight year ago, Google is now working on a censored news application and search engine for Chinese users. Many have spoken out against Google's cooperation with the Chinese government, and Google/Alphabet executives have responded to those concerns in an internal meeting.

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[Editorial] Here's Why All The Google Glass Skeptics Are Wrong (And A Few Ways It Might Fail Anyway)

I'm going to be up front: I want Glass. I'm thoroughly intrigued with the idea, I love the possibility of having an always-available camera that sees whatever I see, and completely hands-free Google sounds like a perfectly natural progression of the things like Google Now and voice actions. In the world where personal digital assistants seem commonplace, why should we not expect those things to be always accessible and visible?

Well, apparently there are a lot of reasons. And don't get me wrong. There are many legitimate causes to be skeptical. As is typical of the tech community, however, some things people have focused on are completely silly.

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[Editorial] It Is Finally Time To Start Getting Excited About Motorola Again

Today, something happened that has not happened in an age: I actually got excited while watching a Motorola event. Don't get me wrong, the devices were still middling at best (though the RAZR M does seem kind of snazzy). What happened wasn't that Motorola announces some earth-shattering devices. No, this was more important: Motorola got its groove back. Or, perhaps more accurately, Motorola started syncing its old groove up with Google's current one. (That's how grooves work, right?)

The presentation actually started in what should've been a boring way: with a history of the company. This is the first time we've seen a really huge Motorola announcement since Google finalized the purchase of the manufacturer in May.

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