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eBay's new Instant Selling program aims to beat out competitors' smartphone trade-in values

There's no shortage of trade-in programs out there. All major carriers and several OEMs have them, and companies like Gazelle exist solely for trade-ins. eBay has just launched its own program, dubbed Instant Selling, and it thinks that it can beat out the other companies' values.

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eBay's Close5 Android App Lets You Buy And Sell Locally In San Francisco, San Diego, And Las Vegas

There isn't a person reading this site that hasn't already heard of eBay. The site has been around since the 90s and allows folks to buy and sell stuff all over the world. Now the company is working on a service that lets people sell exclusively in their local area. It's called Close5, and it's now available for Android. Unfortunately, most of us can't use it just yet.

Close5 currently only serves the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Las Vegas. The app provides the ability to sign in with your Facebook account, list an item, message privately with a potential buyer, and arrange a meetup in a public place to complete the sale.

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[New App] Official Amazon Seller App Finds Its Way Into The Play Store For Merchants On The Move

Most of us approach Amazon as consumers. Whether it's a physical product or some digital goodie, we want to buy everything we can get our hands on. The site loves this about us, so it's made itself so compelling to use that the thought of shopping elsewhere is often proceeded by "Meh, I'll check Amazon first." The thing is, Amazon's selection wouldn't be nearly as comprehensive without the many merchants who also use the site to sell their wares. For them, a new Amazon Seller app is available in the Play Store.

The usefulness of this app is pretty self-explanatory. Sellers can use it to see a shrunken down version of the information they would normally sign in on their PCs to take in.

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[Update: Winner] Win A Samsung Galaxy S5 Or HTC One M8 (Winner's Choice) From UpgradeSwap And Android Police

There comes a time in every mobile user's life when a new phone that he or she simply must have hits the scene. The problem is, that scenario probably hits on a yearly basis (at the very least), and contracts are generally for a two-year term; that leaves no option but paying full-price for the new handset.

To help offset some of the cost of the new device, the most logical option is to sell the old one. That in itself poses another issue altogether: where to sell. There's always eBay and Craigslist, both of which have their own set of pros and cons; and then there are buy-back sites like uSell and Gazelle, both of which make users wait for their funds and don't normally offer the amount of money most people are looking for.

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