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Samsung Galaxy S9 update brings better selfies


You can now buy the AirSelfie2 drone because taking selfies yourself is so old-fashioned

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "My arms are just too short to take a totally rad selfie." Well, why not have a drone do it? The previously announced AirSelfie2 drone aircraft is available for purchase. Never again will you need to stretch your arm to the limit to get those Insta-likes.

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Allo v5.0 prepares to give personalized sticker packs based on selfies and adds support for Chrome Custom Tabs [APK Teardown + Download]

The Allo v5.0 update is rolling out to chatters around the world. In terms of features you can touch and play with today, the only addition appears to be support for Chrome Custom Tabs. Taking a look at a teardown shows there's a new, personalized, custom-generated sticker pack in the works. As usual, we've got a download link at the bottom for those of you that aren't willing to wait for this to roll out normally.

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Microsoft Selfie is a fast and easy way to enhance your own selfies, i.e. not Microsoft's

Microsoft Selfie has been available on iOS since last December. What took it this long to reach Android is anyone's guess, especially considering the company's very prolific releases on our beloved platform, but it's not like anyone of us was heartbroken over the delay of the app or spending sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed just wishing for Microsoft to come and save them from selfie mediocrity.

Regardless, the app is now available on the Play Store. Microsoft Selfie, unlike its name suggests, is not an app where you can browse selfies of Microsoft's logos, past and current execs, employees, buildings, or any other Microsoft property.

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[Update: Expired] Deal Alert: Grab This Battery-Free, Well-Reviewed Spigen Selfie Stick For Only $4 After $6 Off Coupon

Artem wanted someone on the team to write up a deal alert in which we point our readers toward a selfie stick. After a contentious debate in which no one else agreed that we should do this, here I am.

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You Can Now Earn Money Taking Selfies — Time To Brush Up On Your Duck Faces, Fake Smiles, And Rock On Signs

I've been taking "selfies" for more than a decade. Back in 2005, we just called them photos, except we pointed the camera at ourselves instead of the world, and we felt a small but appropriate surge of vanity doing so. It was just fun. Then selfies became a thing, and now you can't take a photo of yourself without feeling like a self-centered 12 year old teenager bragging about his/her latest hairdo on Instagram. It's impossible to walk down the streets of some cities without seeing someone trying to lend you a selfie stick for a few bucks, or to go to a restaurant or pub without seeing a group of friends taking selfies together, or really to engage in any activity without having someone suggest taking a selfie...

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Lenovo Has Announced The VIBE S1, A Phone With Dual Selfie Cameras For Some Reason

As smartphones become more mature, it gets harder to truly innovate. Lenovo is at least trying something new with the new VIBE S1. It has not one but two front-facing cameras. Why would you want this? I don't know, but it exists anyway.

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Lenovo Announces A Pair Of New Android Smartphones, An E-Ink Smartwatch, And A Selfie Flash For Some Reason

Lenovo might own Motorola now, but the company is still doing its own thing when it comes to mobile devices. There are a pair of new Android phones today, as well as a wearable and a completely self-indulgent accessory—a selfie flash. Your life is complete now, right?


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Facebook Messenger Lets You Celebrate The New Year With A Themed Selfie

There's little going on in the world of Android at the moment, and the holidays are why. Today many of us are celebrating New Year's Eve, so instead of major software updates, we get themed selfies. People firing up the Facebook Messenger app are seeing the option to celebrate the new year with a photo pop up at the top of their screens. Clicking the banner activates the front-facing camera and applies a festive overlay.

December 31, 2014 82304 AM PST Screenshot_2014-12-31-08-21-17

That's right, the news is so slow today that you get a post about Facebook Messenger and selfies. Android nerds are scoffing so hard right now that I can hear them through my computer (including my co-workers).

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[New App] Frontback Arrives On Android To Bring Context To Your Selfies

So you think you're too cool for selfies? Well, NASA's Curiosity rover traveled millions of miles and landed on Mars with a rocket sled, and it has taken a selfie or two. Having established the huge importance of selfies, you're probably chomping at the bit to take some, so why not use the new camera app Frontback? You can probably guess what it does from the name.

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