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Essential Camera update adds 360-degree Tiny Planet mode and 'flash' for front-facing camera

Essential has been steadily instilling more and more features into the PH-1, many of which have concerned the camera. Most recently, the Essential Camera app has seen autoHDR and 360-degree live-streaming added. Today Essential announced via Twitter that Tiny Planet mode and "flash" for the front-facing camera (read: white burst from the screen) are bundled in the latest Essential Camera update.

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[Update: Selfie-flash is from 4.3] Google Camera v4.4 update with double-tap to zoom and a new toggle rolling out on the Play Store [APK Download]

Google Camera v4.4, which first popped up in a recent Android O Developer Preview, is now publicly available on the Play Store. The new release brings front-facing selfie flash (via your screen), double tap to zoom, a toggle button for photos/video, and a slightly larger-looking shutter button. These are all small changes, but they do each give you another way to do things in the app, and choice is always good.

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