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New 'self-destructing' confidential emails being tested in Gmail

It's no secret that Gmail is getting a redesign, but it looks like some new non-visual features may also be inbound. TechCrunch is reporting that "self-destructing" confidential emails with a configurable expiration date are coming to Gmail. Best of all, we can see what these new emails will look like and how they generally behave. 

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Keep Your Pants On: Snapchat For Android Finally Updated With Video Support

If you've never heard of Snapchat, god! You guys are so behind the times! This app is like MMS and Mission Impossible all in one! Except it's not Mission Impossible because that's an old person show and who cares about Tom Cruise anymore? No time for watching movies when we're busy sending self-destructing pictures to each other. Set a timer on a message and, once it runs out, the recipient can no longer see your photo. That's how Snapchat has always worked and now the Android version can send videos as well!

snapchat1 snapchat2 snapchat3

If you have to ask why someone might need an app that destroys photos and videos after they've been seen, then perhaps you're not the target market.

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