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Android Accessibility Suite 7.2 adds camera support to Select to Speak, TalkBack control changes, and more

Earlier this year, Google rebranded Android's TalkBack app under the more generic name Android Accessibility Suite — an understandable decision given the app had expanded beyond merely providing text to speech functionality. Now version 7.2 of the Android Accessibility Suite has been released to the Play Store, bringing with it camera-based text to speech, fast-forward/rewind controls for TalkBack, and a handful of improvements.

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Google rebrands TalkBack app as Android Accessibility Suite

For smartphone users who are blind or visually impaired, Google TalkBack is a vital tool that facilitates eyes-free operation of any Android device. TalkBack is just one aspect of the app, however, and that's probably why Google has renamed it Android Accessibility Suite.

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Here's a thing: now you can tap to hear selected text on Android via TalkBack

Did you know that you can set your Android device to read selected text back to you with a simple tap? This isn't a new feature, it hit a while back with the TalkBack 5.2 update in April. And though we knew it was there, we didn't really know how cool it would end up being. Now that we've had the chance to try it out for ourselves, there's a good chance some of you might want to turn this particular feature on, whether you have a visual disability or not. And, on Android O it has a small twist. 

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[Update: More Details on Select to Speak] Google TalkBack 5.2 is out of beta with speech verbosity settings, Select to Speak, and more [APK Download]

It might not matter how high the DPI on a screen gets cranked by each new model if you have trouble seeing it. Thankfully we have Google's TalkBack, Android's accessibility service for the blind and disabled. It reads what's on your screen, but it also provides feedback for actions allowing users to fully interact with their device. Now the latest update has left beta after a few months of testing, bringing with it even more features, like verbosity (an adjustment for how much or little content it reads, based on your preferences), character counts for password fields, and a new Select to Speak service that allows you to tap content to hear it spoken, and more.

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