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Sega re-releases After Burner Climax on the Play Store

Back in 2013 Sega released its mobile version of After Burner Climax on the Play Store as a premium game priced at three dollars. In 2015 it was removed from the Play Store along with a bunch of other premium titles from Sega. Slowly these games have been returning to Android under new free-to-play listings as part of the SEGA Forever program, and After Burner Climax is the latest title to make a return.

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SEGA updates Golden Axe Classic, now includes Golden Axe II and III

Back in August of 2017 Sega released a SEGA Forever title called Golden Axe Classic on Android. Today that Play Store release has been updated to include Golden Axe II and III and an "s" has been added to the end of the title so that it's now appropriately called Golden Axe Classics. A small distinction, but also a significant addition to the app that I'm sure any fan of the Golden Axe series will be excited to see.

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Shining Force Classics is the latest SEGA Forever release on the Play Store

Alright, it's been a while since the last SEGA Forever release, but today we a have a new title that contains a three-pack from the Shining Force RPG series. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a series that has gone through a few changes over the years. The first title, Shining in the Darkness, is a first-person dungeon crawler with turn-based battles. The thing is, Shining Force and Shining Force II play more like a tactical RPG. So as you can see, this collection contains a solid selection that should cover just about anyone's interests.

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Streets of Rage 2 Classic is the latest SEGA Forever title on the Play Store

The SEGA Forever program may have had it's release schedule slowed down earlier this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few classics left in Sega's library that are slated to come to Android. Last month we received a re-release of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II, and today the classic beat 'em up Streets of Rage 2 is on the menu. This is the first time an official release of Streets of Rage 2 has landed on our digital shelves, and you can play it for free right now as long as you don't mind a bunch of annoying advertisements.

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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II re-released as a SEGA Forever title

Ah, good 'ol Sega, re-releasing what used to be paid titles as new ad-filled releases that contain the exact same game. The SEGA Forever program is rife with similar re-releases, so it's no surprise to see that Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II is the next to join the bunch. If you own the old version that is now delisted, you will still have access to the download, but updates are now out of the question, which means it's only a matter of time before an Android OS update breaks your old copy. Luckily Sega provides a way to remove the ads in this new listing, but I doubt those of you who just had a death sentence handed down to your old purchase are going to freely give Sega more money.

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VectorMan Classic is the latest SEGA Forever release on the Play Store

Sega may have slowed down the release schedule for its SEGA Forever program, but the company is still plugging away by providing us with a few new classic games every so often. The latest classic to join the ranks is everyone's favorite '90s run and gun platformer VectorMan. Like all SEGA Forever releases, you can choose to play for free and deal with numerous advertisements, or plunk down $1.99 through an in-app purchase to remove those ads and enjoy a premium experience.

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Sega just released 'Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition' as part of their SEGA Forever program

Sega's Super Monkey Ball series has had an odd history on mobile. Back around the time when the first iPhone hit the scene, there was a lame pixel-based Monkey Ball that was available as one of the App Store's selling points. Suffice it to say it wasn't all that great. Then in 2012 Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition was released on iOS and Android, though the Android version was eventually pulled from the Play Store in 2015. Well, since then people have been clamoring for a new Monkey Ball game on Android, and obviously, the SEGA Forever program is the best way to go about releasing such a title.

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Dynamite Headdy is the latest SEGA Forever release to land on the Play Store

The SEGA Forever program has seen better days. Back at the beginning of March Sega announced that they would be focusing on direct ports to mobile, instead of ROMs that use their wonky in-house emulator. There are still some new titles planned for the program though, and the recently released Dynamite Headdy is one of them.

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Sonic CD Classic is the latest SEGA Forever release on the Play Store

Sega has been releasing new Android games for their SEGA Forever program on a bi-weekly basis for quite a while now. Sonic CD Classic is the latest to hit the Play Store. It is, of course, an HD port of the classic Sega CD platformer. Just like every other SEGA Forever release, Sonic CD Classic is a free-to-play title with a single $1.99 in-app purchase to remove the game's plentiful advertisements. Sadly I do not recommend spending any of your money on this release, which I will detail in full below.

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Gunstar Heroes is the newest entry in the Sega Forever classic games compilation

Sega has been re-releasing its back catalog of Genesis / Mega Drive games as part of the Sega Forever collection on a bi-weekly basis. Gunstar Heroes is the latest game in the lineup, though actually being able to play the game is another problem altogether.

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