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[Deal Alert] Seek Thermal And Thermal XR Imaging Cameras Are Down About 30% On Ebay, Their Lowest Price Yet

When David reviewed the Seek Thermal imaging camera, I was impressed by the fact that you could now take thermal images with your smartphone and a little accessory. It sounded super cool, but I couldn't imagine why I'd use something like this. That is until we had a pipe burst in our upstairs neighbor's floor, causing a semi flood in our kitchen. I then remembered that something like the Seek could help us find the broken pipe easier, faster, and with less damage. The price, however, was still one big hurdle in the way. Unless you were a plumber, why would you pay over $250 for a gadget that you're only likely to use a couple of times in your entire lifetime?

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Hands-On With The $199 Seek Thermal Smartphone Infrared Camera (Yes, Really Actually): This Is Amazing

When a company's pitch to you is that their smartphone accessory was developed in cooperation with Raytheon, you're likely to listen. When that company then tells you they've built the world's first truly affordable thermal (infrared) camera and that it also attaches directly to your smartphone, you listen closely.

No, this isn't a gimmick, a trick, or some kind of workaround using widely-available technology to emulate thermal imaging. Seek Thermal is a real thermal imaging device that you can attach to your smartphone's microUSB port (Galaxy S4, S5, and Moto X / Moto G currently supported officially) and feed live video from the IR camera to the display.

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