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Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime review: Easy setup, questionable value

Ding-dong; the future's here! With smart-home technology making it more affordable than ever to outfit your domicile with everything from high-resolution, subject-identifying security cameras to wireless, effortlessly hooked up door and window sensors, who's really thinking about installing something as seemingly archaic as a doorbell and chime? We've already spent some time getting to to know Arlo's wireless camera systems, and I recently set out to see how that setup might be enhanced by the addition of the $80 Arlo Audio Doorbell and the $50 Arlo Chime.

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Fake heads are predictably great at fooling Android face unlock

Facial recognition on Android isn't the most robust method of securing your phone; it even says as much when you set it up. It shouldn't be very surprising, then, that it can be fooled by what is probably the least likely thing someone trying to get into your device will have access to: a lifelike, 3D-printed replica of your head.

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Arlo CEO teases upcoming app enhancements such as widgets, 2FA, and temporary notification muting

Connected security cameras from Arlo are some of the best on the market — Ryan called the Pro 2 the best wireless camera in his review, despite a couple of drawbacks. With Cyber Monday deals you can still get some substantial discounts on Arlo products (like at Amazon and Costco), and thanks to a tweet from the company's CEO, there will soon be even more features to make it worth your while.

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These Ring and Nest doorbell bundles from Costco come with a year of free video cloud service

Even the most jaded smart home cynic can see the use in connected security systems, locks, and doorbells. Our own David Ruddock recently called his new smart door lock "the most sensible smart home gadget I've used," and, by his own admission, he's difficult to impress. For those interested in getting in on the smart home doorbell/lock/security kit game, Costco is currently offering discounted Ring and Nest bundles, some of which offer year-long subscriptions to cloud services for storing security video.

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Fingerprint 'master keys' created with neural network could break into your phone

Working with biometrics is always a balancing act. With passwords, authentication is simple — either it matches or it doesn't. But when that "password" is part of a user's body, whether a face scan, iris match, or just a regular old fingerprint, systems have to anticipate and account for a little bit of wiggle room. After all, you don't want that face scan failing because you got a pimple, or your fingerprint rejected because you touch the sensor at a slightly different angle each time. But now a new attack takes advantage of the flexibility programmed into these systems, generating fake "universal" fingerprints.

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App developers must target Android 8.0 or higher starting today (November 1st)

Google rolls out new security features in every version of Android, but some changes only apply for apps that target newer API levels. Thus, Google announced late last year it was cracking down on apps built for older versions of Android. Today is the big day—developers can no longer upload anything to the Play Store without targeting at least API level 26 (Oreo 8.0).

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Google's reCAPTCHA v3 stops bots without interrupting users

It's a vital tool for stopping bots from spamming websites, but reCAPTCHA can also be a pain in the neck for users. Over the years, it's been simplified and made less conspicuous for innocent humans, to the point where it should be invisible for most. The reCAPTCHA v3 API is now out of beta and ready to be deployed.

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Google makes good on its promise and mandates 2 years of security updates for Android OEMs

At Google I/O back in May, the company pledged to work with manufacturers of Android phones to ensure more regular security patches. It's now come to light that Google is mandating at least two years of security updates on Android phones, and enforcing this by writing it directly into OEM contracts.

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Google explains how the new Titan M chip makes the Pixel 3 more secure

Google touched on the new Titan M security chip at last week's Pixel unveiling, but hardware czar Rick Osterloh was vague on the details. Now, Google has provided more information about what this new piece of silicon is doing inside the Pixel 3. Not only does it make your lockscreen harder to bypass, it makes the phone's firmware nigh unhackable with so-called "side-channel" attacks like Meltdown and Spectre.

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Google aims to create 'closed loop' for user data with new Titan Security mobile chip

Following a day of bad press regarding an undisclosed security vulnerability, Google pushed the message of strong security during its October 9th hardware reveal event. Among the announcements: the Mountain View-based tech giant has developed a dedicated chip for its mobile devices that integrates Titan Security, the system it built for Google data centers.

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