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Firefox for Android fixes critical security vulnerability in latest update (APK Download)

Mozilla has been busy at work on a rewritten version of Firefox for Android, which is already live in the browser's Beta and Nightly (formerly Preview) channels. However, if you're still on the regular stable version of Firefox for Android, you should update right now.

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MediaTek security vulnerability allowed root access on devices from Nokia, Amazon, BLU, Sony, ZTE, and others

Security vulnerabilities are unfortunately extremely common in smartphones, given the complexity and varying codebases of most devices. That's why Google has been releasing monthly security patches for years, and if you needed another reason for why those updates are so important, the March 2020 release fixes a critical flaw on many MediaTek devices.

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Major vulnerability discovered in WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocol, affects Android and pretty much everything else

If you read any tech websites besides Android Police, you may have already heard about 'KRACK.' That's the name for a serious security vulnerability that affects virtually every device supporting Wi-Fi connections - including Android.

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[Facepalm] Samsung forgets to renew domain, potentially putting millions of customers at risk of being hacked

Sometimes inaction can be just as dangerous as making a wrong move. That seems to be the case for Samsung, as it appears simply letting a domain expire could have left millions of its customers vulnerable to hackers. Luckily, a security researcher named João Gouveia noticed the potential problem and snapped up the domain before anyone with more nefarious intentions was able to grab it.

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