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You can now enroll in Google's Advanced Protection Program using just your phone, no backup key required

The Advanced Protection Program is arguably the best way to secure access to all of your documents and information you've stored in your Google account. Until now, though, you were required to consign two security keys in order to get those extra safety measures and only one of them could be an Android phone. Those requirements seem to have changed today as Google has started allowing iOS devices to act as keys and letting users enroll into the program with just their mobile device, no backup key needed.

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Google is rolling out a new 2-step verification screen and expanded Bluetooth security key support

The internet is a rough-and-tumble place, full of sketchy characters who would love to dig through your online accounts. The best way to prevent that is with 2-step verification (also called 2-factor authentication), and Google is making it easier to use that on Google G Suite accounts. The browser UI is getting an update, and support for Bluetooth security keys is expanding.

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Google Titan Security Key review: A $50 hardware 2FA bundle with outdated connectors

Those of us that care about our online security probably use some form of two-factor authentication to secure our most important accounts, but even the strongest password and the longest authentication code are still subject to something as simple as a phishing attack, which is why so many have switched to hardware security keys. Google helped to create the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) hardware authentication standard, and now it's releasing its own product to consumers: the $50 Titan Security Key.

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