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Google details how (fixed) USB security flaws compromise Android user data

In this modern digital world, we’re often most concerned with remote hacks and scams when it comes to device security — but physical access to a device can provide a major opportunity to a targeted attacker. That's the case with a set of (thankfully fixed) vulnerabilities found by Google's Project Zero team, which require access to a device's USB port. If you're a security buff, you might remember this from the September 2018 security patch, noted briefly as an issue that could "enable a local attacker to bypass user interaction requirements to gain access to additional permissions."

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[Update: Just on-body detection] Security flaw in Moto G5 Plus Prime Exclusive grants access to phone with the tap of a lockscreen ad

Amazon has been running its Prime Exclusive program for some time now. Essentially, the company partners with phone manufacturers to offer noticeably lower prices on devices in exchange for preloaded Amazon apps and advertisements on the lock screen. However, it appears that these lockscreen ads have led to a security flaw on one Prime Exclusive device, the Moto G5 Plus.

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Security firm discovers several major flaws in MIUI

If you have read one of our several reviews of Xiaomi phones, such as the Mi Note 2 and Mi 6, you'll know that the software experience just isn't good. MIUI is Xiaomi's heavily modified version of Android, complete with less-than-stellar RAM and Bluetooth management (among other issues). But the ROM has several major security problems, as found by research firm eScan.

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