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Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live

One of the coolest demos in Google's event yesterday came during the Nest section when the presenter used an Assistant command to beam a camera feed to the big screen. A lot of the things Googled showed off aren't available yet, but this one is. You might need to do a little setup, though.

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[Deal Alert] Get a NETGEAR Arlo security system 5-pack for just $399.99 ($230 off) on Amazon

More and more companies are coming out with smart security camera systems these days. NETGEAR joined the trend a while back with its Arlo systems, and they're not half bad. Now, you can get a 5-pack of Arlo security cameras for just a penny under $400 - that's an incredible $80 per camera.

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Arlo cameras will soon get object recognition features with Arlo Smart

Netgear's Arlo cameras are a solid choice if you need to stick some cameras in places where you don't have a power outlet. The current-gen Arlo Pro cameras can run for about six months on a charge, and they reliably detect motion... all motion. That can mean a lot of notifications if you place a camera outside, but the upcoming Arlo Smart feature will let you filter notifications based on what the camera has actually seen.

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[Deal Alert] Canary Flex indoor/outdoor security camera on sale for around $158 ($41 off)

You can't keep an eye on your home at all times without a little help, and Canary is one of the many camera manufacturers offering that sort of help. The Canary Flex is an indoor/outdoor camera that can operate with a power cable or entirely wire-free. A single camera is usually $199, but today it's on sale all over for around $158.

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EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus review: An adorable 360-degree camera, but a little light on features

Everyone and their mother seems to be making a stationary home security camera these days, but there are also an increasing number of 360-degree cameras. These small motorized units might be a preferable option, depending on what you need to keep an eye on. I tested the Yi Dome Camera a few months ago and found it to be overall pretty neat, but perhaps a little gimmicky. Lately, I've been using the EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus, which is very similar to the Yi 360. It's a low-cost camera that can rotate to get a full 360-degree view of the room.

The Mini 360 Plus is a touch cheaper than many home security cameras, and the design is cool.

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[Deal Alert] Ring Video Doorbell Pro down 20% to $199.99 on Amazon

The market for camera-equipped doorbells is taken by three brands these days: Ring, Skybell, and August. Of the three, Ring has an interesting proposition thanks to a fleet of other products (stick-up camera and floodlight camera) that you can outfit your house with to stay within the same ecosystem. It also integrates with Samsung's SmartThings and the Wink hub.

If that's something you're interested in and you don't mind manually installing the doorbell and connecting it to your existing chime through electrical wires (there are tutorials for that), then you might want to check out the Ring Pro on Amazon today. It usually retails for $249 but is now being discounted to $199.99.

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tinyCam Monitor 7.4 released with 24/7 cloud recording, 50% off sale

Home security cameras are great, made all the better when there's a great app to control them with. Accordingly, tinyCam Monitor has just had a major update to version 7.4, with some big features surrounding the cloud in tow.

The talking point here is definitely 24/7 cloud recording. This means that the recordings, which will now take place continuously, will be uploaded to the cloud, and when the quota of 500MB is exceeded, the oldest JPEGs uploaded will be deleted to make way for new footage. There are other new features for recording, as well - the archive for cloud recordings and on-device recordings can be deleted on demand, and less memory is used for the Motion JPEG (MJPEG) streams.

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Yi Dome Camera review: A cool gimmick that still needs some work

You don't have to look far to find a home security camera with big names like Logitech, Google, and Netgear all offering up systems for keeping an eye on things. There are also some newer players with cameras you might want to consider. For example, the Xiaomi-funded Yi Technology. This Chinese firm has released a few home cameras, but the new version of its Dome Camera stands out from the crowd. Unlike other cameras, this one can actually rotate to get a full 360 degree view of a room, and it has built-in motion tracking. Unlike the old Dome Camera, this one also shoots 1080p video.

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Netgear Arlo Pro review: Great at a few things, but just okay at the rest

Consumer security cameras have become a huge product category in the last couple year with the likes of Google, FLIR, and Logitech taking a swing at home monitoring. Your options are greatly reduced if you need a camera that operates for long stretches on battery or in the great outdoors. This is something Netgear has attempted to address with its Arlo security cameras. The new Arlo Pro adds a few features to the lineup, bringing it to parity with standard wired cameras. However, the wireless aspect means you'll have to make some compromises.

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Logitech Circle review: A great all-around home security camera (after some updates)

Logitech has been making cameras of the web variety for years, and it recently got into the home security camera market with Logitech Circle. The initial reviews were alright, but Logitech was lacking some important features that other cameras had. I guess it took the criticism to heart because a series of app and firmware updates have added lots of new stuff to the existing hardware. It's actually gotten much more capable, and the pricing remains competitive. Taking another look at Logitech Circle, it's a great option for home video monitoring.

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