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Amazon announces Blink XT2 wireless security camera with two-year battery life

Amazon is deep into this smart home thing—it has Ring with video doorbells, cameras, and security sensors, but there's also Blink. Amazon scooped up Blink in 2017, and now it has revealed the new XT2 camera. It promises two years of usage on one set of batteries and includes more features than the previous Blink XT.

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[Update: Now $139] Keep an eye on your little ones with the Arlo Baby Monitor for $145 ($55 off)

If you're going to have a smart baby monitor, it ought to be from a reputable brand. Arlo is as big a name as they come in the connected camera space, and its adorable baby monitor has fallen all the way to $145 on Amazon, $55 off its MSRP.

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Wyze announces $20 home sensor system to pair with its $20 security camera

Home security cameras are common these days, but they're often spendy. Wyze made waves a while back by offering a basic but effective security camera for just $20. The Wyze cam is now getting some company in the form of a home sensor system that also costs $20.

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Arlo Ultra security cameras are available again following firmware updates

The Arlo Ultra 4k cameras initially launched at Best Buy early this year, but the company seemed to pull back following reports of widespread problems. Today, Arlo Ultra returns to Best Buy, and it launches for the first time at Amazon. It's gotten several firmware updates over the past few weeks that should address the issues that plagued the launch.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away three REOLINK Argus Eco security cameras and three C2 Pro security cameras, plus 20% off for everyone else [US]

If you are looking for a quality solution for your indoor and outdoor security needs, look no further than the Reolink Argus Eco and C2 Pro security cameras. The Argus Eco is the perfect outdoor security camera thanks to its wireless design that guarantees installation outdoors will be a breeze, and the C2 Pro indoor security camera is just as simple to install, and can even rotate 355° horizontally and 105° vertically, which is why it's perfect for indoor monitoring.

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[Update: Still available for now] Arlo seemingly axes annual camera subscription options

Arlo has traditionally offered a great value in its cloud storage plans, but that value might be taking a hit today. The Arlo website seems to have been updated to remove the annual camera subscription options. All you have left now are the slightly more spendy monthly plans.

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Ring 'Neighborhoods' program asks users to share their camera feeds with police

Ring is rolling out a new crime-fighting initiative today as part of its Neighborhoods portal, which was previously only open to users. Now, Ring has a special version of Neighborhoods for law enforcement, allowing officers to see local alerts from Ring users and request access to your videos. The facts of this story are less crazy than some of the headlines would lead you to believe, but there are still a number of troubling aspects.

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Arlo Ultra launch is a mess: Suspended sales, cloud storage price hikes, and persistent bugs

Arlo announced the Arlo Ultra 4K camera system late last year, and we got a closer look at the cameras during CES in January. Arlo needed a hit after a disappointing fourth quarter, but the Ultra cameras aren't off to a great start. Best Buy has apparently halted sales of the cameras following negative reviews and customer complaints.

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Arlo Ultra cameras will also come in black

Former Netgear subsidiary Arlo has started shipping its new 4K Arlo Ultra camera system, which includes a new body design. That's not the only physical change. All Arlo cameras until now have been white, but it looks like the Arlo will offer a black version as well.

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Arlo Pro two-camera bundle on sale for $230 ($190 off), the lowest price ever

Arlo is set to launch the 4K Arlo Ultra in the coming weeks, so its older cameras are coming down in price. The Arlo Pro system has been dropping exceptionally fast as it's about to be two generations old. It's still plenty capable, though. You can get the two-camera system for a mere $229.99 right now. That's the cheapest we've ever seen it.

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