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The best Prime Day deals on smart home automation and security cameras

Smart home gadgets are futuristic in the best way. With a robot sweeping your floors, lights that set themselves automatically, and a doorbell that can tell you who's ringing, you're practically living in The Jetsons. All that automation can cost a pretty penny, though — so thank goodness for Prime Day, when just about everything you can buy online gets a little (or a lot) cheaper.

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Wyze Cams get person detection with Xnor on-device AI

Wyze offers capable home security cameras starting at just $20, but the feature set isn't on par with cameras that cost ten times as much. Wyze is taking a step closer to the likes of Nest and Arlo today thanks to its partnership with With Xnor technology, your existing Wyze cams can detect people and cut down on notification spam.

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Arlo Pro 2 four-camera kit on sale at Best Buy for $550 ($250 off) with free smart bulb kit

When it comes to security cameras for your smart home, Arlo has the reputation of making premium products that work reliably and are easy to install — thanks to the ability to run wire-free on internal batteries. The Arlo Pro 2 is currently on sale at Best Buy and Amazon, with the four-pack going for $550 and two-pack for $299.

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Samsung expands SmartThings ecosystem with affordable smart camera, plug, and bulb

Although Samsung has been in the smart home game for a few years now with its SmartThings ecosystem, its lineup has mostly relied on being a central home automation hub that integrates with third-party devices like plugs and lights to automate your home. Until today, the majority of the brand's IoT products were sensors that would act as triggers, but the company is now expanding it with a smart camera, plug, and bulb, which give it a complete range of smart home products.

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Arlo Ultra review: A good security camera with a bad price

You've got numerous choices in connected some security cameras these days, but almost all of them require wires. Running a camera solely on batteries introduces a lot of uncertainty. Will it last long enough? Will it wake up reliably? Arlo, a former Netgear subsidiary, has released several battery-powered cameras that bested the competition, but the new Arlo Ultra is a tougher sell.

This 4K camera has a high upfront cost and higher monthly fees than other devices, but the performance is admittedly impressive. The video is incredible, and the addition of a spotlight is genuinely helpful. After some software updates, the Arlo Ultra is a good product with similar reliability to Arlo's past cameras.

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The Arlo Pro 2 four-camera kit is on sale for $600 ($200 off) on Amazon

We recently shared a deal that let you save up to $280 on first-generation Arlo Pro cameras. Although the discount was interesting, the product was only capable of 720p video recording, which is a little outdated nowadays. If you passed and waited for an offer on security cameras with crisper image quality, you're in luck, as the second-gen Arlo Pros are currently discounted on Amazon, with a four-pack selling for $600 instead of $800. In case you rushed on last week's deal and are now regretting your purchase, let me ask: Is it too late now to say sorry?

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[Update: Get four for $350] Secure your home with a three-camera Arlo Pro pack for just $300 ($280 off)

At the age of 4K screens and videos, 720p cameras almost seem outdated. Despite a lower image quality, they're still perfectly capable and way better than old-school CCTV systems. However, as new products with sharper pictures come out, the price of first-gen Arlo Pro cameras keeps dropping and has hit one of the lowest it's ever been, with a three-pack selling for $300, instead the $580 MSRP.

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Amazon announces Blink XT2 wireless security camera with two-year battery life

Amazon is deep into this smart home thing—it has Ring with video doorbells, cameras, and security sensors, but there's also Blink. Amazon scooped up Blink in 2017, and now it has revealed the new XT2 camera. It promises two years of usage on one set of batteries and includes more features than the previous Blink XT.

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[Update: Now $139] Keep an eye on your little ones with the Arlo Baby Monitor for $145 ($55 off)

If you're going to have a smart baby monitor, it ought to be from a reputable brand. Arlo is as big a name as they come in the connected camera space, and its adorable baby monitor has fallen all the way to $145 on Amazon, $55 off its MSRP.

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Wyze announces $20 home sensor system to pair with its $20 security camera

Home security cameras are common these days, but they're often spendy. Wyze made waves a while back by offering a basic but effective security camera for just $20. The Wyze cam is now getting some company in the form of a home sensor system that also costs $20.

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