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Got A Spare Android Phone Or Tablet? Perch Turns It Into A Home Security Camera

Right now there are three Android phones and four Android tablets within arm's reach of my desk, and another half dozen or so in my closet. (It's OK, I don't have a problem. This is my job.) If you're in a similar situation, you can put some of those gadgets to use: they work great as remotes for set-top boxes like Android TV or Roku, or you can cobble them together into a sort of poor man's Sonos multi-room speaker system. Here's one more option: turn it into a home security camera.

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Nest Cam Availability Expands To Google Store In Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, And United Kingdom


FLIR FX Camera Quick Review: Awesome Hardware With A Few Software Kinks To Work Out

In recent years, Dropcam has been the leader when it comes to smart home security cameras. FLIR recently jumped in to the market with the FLIR FX wireless security camera. This is a mobile-centric security system that offers cool ways to review your video and receive alerts on your phone when something goes down at home. Let's see how it performs.

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Hands-On With Oco, A New Dropcam Competitor With An Emphasis On Ease Of Use

When it comes to IP security cameras, Dropcam is (and has been) one of the biggest names in the game. It's easy enough to use, sets up quickly, and can basically be left alone once everything is in place (most of the time, at least). That's the kind of simplicity that most home and small business owners want, which is what Dropcam has been offering since day one. Add in the fact that the company is constantly adding new, useful features to its apps, and you have a winner.

Naturally, challengers are going to come. There's clearly a market for products like this, so why let one manufacturer own it?

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