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[Update: Live for Flex cam] Canary introduces 2-way talk, new web app, and enhanced livestreams to its connected security cams

Despite trying out many brands, Canary is still one of my favorite connected cams but its software keeps advancing at a very slow pace and competitors are starting to catch up. That's why I was happy today to see several new features coming to Canary... until I realized most of them require a Membership subscription. Why does everything good in tech these days require a monthly bill?

Alright, I'll stop crying over my empty wallet now and start explaining what the new features are.

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Nest announces an outdoor version of the Nest Cam coming this fall, available for $199.99 pre-order

The Nest Cam keeps an eye on what's going on in your home. That can be creepy when you're home, but it can bring peace of mind when you're away. On the downside, the Nest Cam isn't weatherproof. That means you can't stick one outdoors.

That's about to change, for today Nest announced an outdoor version.

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Nest's New Cam And App Leak Ahead Of The Company's June 17th Event

After Nest acquired Dropcam and started integrating some of its hardware with the security cam, it was only a matter of time before the company got its ducks in a row for an official Nest-branded camera. It seems that the wait is about to be over. Nest has a press event scheduled on June 17th, and among the possible announcements is the Nest Cam.


According to Droid-Life, this is the new Cam. It looks like a Dropcam, predictably, but slimmer, more modern, and like the result of a Stuart the minion and Mike Wazowski inspiration. Bee doo bee doo! Presumably, the Nest Cam will be capable of 1080p streaming and recording, though the report wasn't clear on whether that means local storage or Dropcam's expensive subscription tiers.

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