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Midweek deals: Save on Fitbit Charge 3, wireless earbuds, security cameras, and more

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of our midweek deals roundup for 2020. Now that the holiday season is behind us and the barrage of pre-Christmas sales has subsided, we're turning our attention to the latest batch of discounts that have popped up around the internet. This week, we found some great sales on the Fitbit Charge 3, wireless earbuds, charging accessories, and security cameras.

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Abode announces Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera with facial recognition

DIY home security options abound at CES 2020, and that might be a boon, considering the bad PR some brands have been incurring. If you're on the lookout for a trusty, versatile home security solution, Abode has announced the Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera.

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(Update: Official launch and pricing) Wyze is testing a paid service for longer videos in the cloud

Wyze offers a selection of great smart home products at affordable prices, but it's best known for its capable and inexpensive security cameras. In addition to support for local microSD card storage, they can also upload events detected by motion to the cloud, but clips have always been limited to 12 seconds. Now the company is testing a paid option that lets you upload full events to the cloud, without duration restrictions and cooldown rates.

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[Update: No Android just yet] Arlo teases dark mode support — maybe in time for Halloween?

If you're a fan of Arlo security cameras and also like having a dark mode option in apps, then you'll be glad to know that dark mode for the Arlo app will be arriving soon. Its future availability was teased by no other than Matthew McRae, CEO of Arlo, so it's only a matter of time before the feature arrives.

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Get a free Google Home Mini and GE C-Life light bulb ($55 value) with every Nest Hello purchase

If you're reading this from the US, odds are you have more Google Home Minis than rooms in your house. Every few days, there's a new promo that gets you a Home Mini for cheap or even free, but who are we to turn our noses up at gifts? If you're of that same conviction, you'll like today's deal which gets you Google's Home Mini and a GE C-Life light bulb with every Nest Hello.

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Get a Nest Indoor Cam 3-pack at an all-time low price of $279 at Target ($118 off)

Nest, the Google-owned smart home company, is known for making excellent (albeit expensive) products that integrate well in Google Home ecosystems. Target now has the Nest Indoor Cam 3-Pack on sale for $279 — 30% off its MSRP and the lowest price we've ever seen.

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[Deal Alert] Logi Circle 2 security camera wired $139 ($40 off), wire-free $149 ($50 off)

Security cameras are one of the most important gadgets to own if you care about your home and belongings. Some like to install them outdoor and monitor their house's entrance, others keep them indoors and check on what's happening inside when they're away or in another room, and some just like installing them when they're going away for a vacation and putting them back in the drawer when they come back. Regardless of your use, the Logi Circle 2 should do the job, and it's now being discounted in both its wired and wire-free forms.

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Reolink Argus 2 is a $129.99 outdoor wireless security cam with a rechargeable battery and a $30 solar charger option

Reolink is one of the lesser known security camera brands available. The company, like Amcrest, is more recognized in the NVR world, but it recently started stepping into the connected cam market. I reviewed its Keen and Reolink products last September and now the Reolink 2 is out with one major advantage over the original version: a rechargeable battery.

In my review of the Argus, I had lamented the lack of a recharging option, which forces you to use 4 CR123A batteries, that depending on where you live, could be difficult to find or expensive. That also means you have to keep changing the batteries every few months, which may not be ideal for an outdoor security cam that you placed in a far-to-reach place.

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Amazon releases the Cloud Cam's app on the Play Store

Amazon announced its entry into the smart security camera business last week with the new $119 Cloud Cam. The official release date for the camera is November 8, but if you ordered one or plan on doing so, you can already grab the Android app that goes with it from the Play Store.

The Cloud Cam app is the control center of your cameras. You can add the cams you got, rename them, view the live stream if you want to drop in and check something, and activate two-way audio to talk to your kids or anyone at home, calm your pets, or scare an intruder.

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Reolink Keen and Argus review: Affordable wireless security cams, but full of compromises

We've been taking a thorough look at smart monitoring cameras here on Android Police, but the overarching complaint in most of them from us and you, the readers, is always the price and the paid plans. That's why for my next two reviews, I will be focusing on two camera makers that don't require you break the bank to buy their hardware nor to use it. The first brand is Reolink and I'll be reviewing two of its cameras: the Keen ($119.99) and the Argus ($99.99), both of which offer MicroSD storage. (The second brand is Amcrest, which I'll review in a week or so.)

In many respects, the Keen and Argus are similar: both are battery-powered, both have 1080p live streaming, motion detection, and night vision, and both need a MicroSD card for storage.

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