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Following user backlash, Signal lowers one of its drastic PIN measures

Signal is one of the best choices for a communication app that's focused on privacy and isn't owned by Facebook, which is why it has attracted a large and dedicated user base. Earlier this year, the app got a fresh spark to the tune of a $50 million dollar investment from a co-founder of WhatsApp. But lately there's been a bit of negative chatter in response to the app introducing a system for backing up data based on PIN codes, and many users are filling online forums with complaints.

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Telegram 4.1 increases the supergroup member limit, adds new admin tools and Android Pay support for bot payments [APK Download]

Telegram continues to be an awesome messaging platform. It's what I prefer to use to communicate, especially since the Android and desktop apps (even Linux) are spectacular. In a continuing roll of new features, Telegram 4.1 (or 1.1.9 on the desktop) is increasing the number of people allowed in a Supergroup, as well as adding new admin tools and Android Pay support for bot payments.

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CyanogenMod Is Shutting Down Its WhisperPush Secure Messaging Service Starting February 1st

After being part of CyanogenMod for two years, the end of the road has come for WhisperPush. The project announced today that it would end support for its own implementation of the secure messaging protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems.

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Telegram v3.2 Brings Channels For Broadcasting Your Messages To The World

Just after announcing it is now seeing 12 billion messages per day (a 12-fold increase since February), messaging app Telegram has introduced yet another feature to differentiate itself from its competitors. As of today, Broadcast lists have been replaced with Channels—a new and improved version of the traditional broadcast.

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Telegram 2.7 Adds Session Management, 2-Step Verification, And Link Previews

Just because we often mention WhatsApp here on the site, it doesn't mean that we don't keep an eye on its fan-favorite competitor Telegram. Rising from its modest start, the service has been commendably quick to add new features, design guidelines, and always improve security. This latest update brings two new options that privacy advocates will appreciate and one that will make your chats even more enjoyable.

First on the security front, Telegram now lets you set up two-step verification so that you're asked about a password before signing in to your account from a new device. Second, it allows you to view your active sessions on phones, tablets, and computers, and remotely stop the sessions that you no longer need or find fraudulent.

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