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Samsung has added its Secure Folder app and file encryption tool to the Play Store

The march of Samsung apps moving to Google Play continues. This time it's Secure Folder that has made its way over to every Android Police reader's favorite app store. Whatever it is you might need to keep hidden from prying eyes, now you have one more way to keep the app up-to-date. Unfortunately, it seems that it's limited to Samsung devices.

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Samsung's "Secure Folder" on the Note7 may be the best smartphone feature of 2016

Earlier this year, when the Galaxy S7 launched, it was loaded with something Samsung called "Private Mode." Private is, frankly, kind of lame - you can use it to secure sensitive files, photos, or voice recordings using Samsung's stock applications for those functions. I can see a use, sure, but this is a pretty limited sort of feature.

With the Note7, Samsung has introduced Secure Folder. This sounds even narrower in scope, right?

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