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[Revolutionary] Google Assistant now lets you search through first and third-party services

There are times when Google completely baffles us by adding a feature that we didn't even remotely think could be possible, or needed, or useful. Like now for example, there's a new Search bar when you visit the list of Assistant actions. How groundbreaking!

Whether you check the list by tapping the blue icon on the top right after launching Assistant, or by browsing in the Google Home app, you can see a new search bar on top. That lets you search through all the possible Assistant integrations, from first-party ones like Hue and SmartThings and Honeywell, to third-party services like, Logitech, Roomba, and more trivial things such as Number Genie, Knock Knock Who, and others. A search icon also shows up on the top right when you're browsing different Assistant categories, so it's always easy to look for something specific.

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Your local library's eBooks now appear in Google search

Big readers on a small budget have always had a hard time. Library waiting lists can get pretty long, and sometimes titles aren't even available locally. But today Google added a new feature to its search that helps library patrons everywhere. Now the next time you search for a book title, you can see if the e-book is available to borrow from your library. 

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Google is making it easier to find a good deal for your next vacation

In its quest to make our lives easier, Google has recently taken on the travel industry by giving us search tools for flights and hotels, as well as an app to help us plan and organize trips we've already booked. Google Search already shows when a slight adjustment to travel dates can save us money, but now it's adding more robust tools for people whose travel dates are more flexible.

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Google's rolling out new products, services, and programs for Indonesia, including YouTube Go, Google Assistant, and Primer lessons

Today Google had a huge announcement for Indonesia, in which it detailed six new products for the nation that are arriving now or coming soon, as well as milestones and new initiatives for residents of the country. Among the more exciting announcements are support for the Google Assistant in Bahasa Indonesia, the rollout of Google Stations for expanded WiFi internet access, YouTube Go for the country, Waze support for the capital's odd-even license plate policy, and expansion and milestones for Google's programs in the area.  

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Google makes questions and answers official in Maps and Search, rolling out soon

Our Facebook request for a relationship status with Android might still be unrequited, but Google has made its love for crowd-sourced answers in Maps and Search official. Questions & answers had been in beta for a short time (and even before that, we knew it was coming). But in a blog post on the subject today, Google formally revealed the new feature, stating that it should be rolling out to Maps and Search users soon. 

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Chrome now asks users in Russia to choose a search engine

Anyone who's been following technology news for long enough will remember Microsoft's infamous browser ballot screen in Europe, which was a result of antitrust action against the company for pushing Internet Explorer. Google is facing a lot of regulatory pressures in Russia right now, so it's doing something similar. When opening Chrome for Android in Russia, users are being asked to choose a default search engine.

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Google Image Search adds badges to denote recipes, products, and more

If you're looking for a particular image of something, Google search is a powerful tool. Sometimes you might be looking for more than just the image itself, though, and that often leads to scrolling through a ton of photos and opening up the ones you hope will lead you to the right content. That can be a laborious task, but Google has just announced a new feature that should lend a hand. It's introducing badges to indicate what content lies behind certain images.

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YouTube v12.29 includes hints about location-specific search [APK Teardown]

YouTube is a fantastic tool for learning about the world around us, but sometimes it's easy to forget that there are great things happening in our own backyard. A teardown of the latest update suggests we might soon have the option to add geography to our search criteria. This should make it a bit easier to separate videos about Alaska from the recipes for Alaskan King Crab, music videos, and whatever else people might associate with the name. I'll also mention a couple of smaller changes to the interface in this version, but they're not really important, so feel free to skip straight to the teardown.

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Google is ditching Instant Search because most searches happen on mobile

Google announced an incredible, revolutionary thing in 2010. No, not Android 2.2 Froyo. I'm talking about Instant Search, a feature that would load suggestions and search results dynamically as you typed. It was hailed as a major advance in 2010, but today Google announced Instant Search is dead, and it was mobile that killed it.

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[Update: Rolling to more users] Google is testing a new three tab interface for the Google app

If you're one of those who has yet to even see the two-tab interface, you'll be surprised to hear that Google is already testing out a third tab. Reports indicate that the new button performs a search. The tab might be a bit redundant, given the search bar already present at the top of the page, but perhaps scrolling to the top was a bit too inconvenient for some.

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