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Gawk at the boatloads of cash Google is throwing at Apple to maintain its search monopoly

According to a recent report by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, Google paid £1.2 billion (or around $1.5 billion) across 2019 to secure its place as the default search engine in devices across the market, the "substantial majority of which" was paid to Apple. That's a huge sum, and rival search engines claim it makes competition impossible — they simply can't afford to be in contention with numbers that high.

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Keen from Google's Area 120 is yet another AI-powered Pinterest wannabe

If you're looking to get into a hobby or accomplish a goal, you might turn to places like Etsy and Pinterest for some inspiration. Google's experimental Area 120 workshop launched an earnest attempt at becoming such a source mere days ago with Tangi. Now, that team has come together with the company's People and Artificial Intelligence Research group to make something more akin to a Pinterest-Reddit hybrid called Keen.

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Google Search aims to make ctrl+F a thing of the past, will start highlighting relevant text on actual web pages

Google Search will soon start to highlight snippet text from results on the web pages you click. If that doesn't immediately sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread, stick around, because I think you'll actually love this simple new feature from the Chromium team.

Have you ever searched for a specific phrase or term on Google, seen it highlighted in the result snippet in the search results, clicked, and then been totally unable to find it on the web page itself? It's a problem as old as search engines themselves, and most of us get around it by using the even-more-ancient ritual of 'ctrl+F,' essentially searching a second time for the thing Google already found for us.

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Lens shortcut in images tab spotted on the Google app beta


Google Search adds more AR 3D objects, including cell models and anatomy elements

Google presented AR objects in Search with much fanfare during its developer conference last year, and it probably would've loved to talk about additions and improvements during this year's I/O. With the event canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company has instead shared some news on the feature via a blog post. In it, Google shows off new 3D objects, such as additional anatomic models and magnified views of cells. There are also new capabilities for the viewer.

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Google now directs users searching for musical artists to check them out on YouTube Music


Google Search will finally just admit when it has no idea what you're looking for

Your search - Google isn't good at being empathetic when you can't find anything - did not match any documents. At least that's what the engine will tell you if you search for a term that it actually can't find. But the company is changing its tune in the U.S. to soften the message of failure and attempt to be a tad helpful, we think.

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Google now suggests alternate searches based on your recent activity

Over the years, Google has connected many of its other products and services to Search, as well as adding a plethora of features that make it truly powerful. We discovered a small but interesting addition to search recently, in which Google's web search interface will suggest an alternate search query based on your recent search (and possibly other) activity.

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Chrome flag shows search term chips in the tab overview

A while back, Chrome got a completely rethought tab switcher that's already standard for many using the stable version of the browser. A flag allows you to further improve that overview by adding a small search chip to tabs, helping you quickly find what term you were searching for without having to navigate back to Google.

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Google almost immediately abandons widely-hated Google logo on Gboard space bar

The magic of server-side rollouts means that a change can roll out to almost everyone's devices at the same time, regardless of OS or app versions. That's exactly what happened over the past few days, as the Google logo appeared on the space bar in the Gboard keyboard, but the change has seemingly already been reversed.

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