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Play Store testing card-style search results with screenshot thumbnails

The Play Store seems to be testing a new layout for search results. We've received a tip that the normal app list has been replaced by a card-like interface for some, with app listings now including screenshot thumbnails. The change brings Play Store search results more in line with the visual style of the mobile web search results layout, which also shows results on cards.

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Google is testing another Search results layout with rounded cards, new colors, and the 4 mysterious colored dots again

Thanks to the magic of A/B server-side tests, Google can try hundreds of different layouts for its apps and services and compare results between them. And the company's engineers are seriously taking advantage of that to check the influence of any design and option combination that they can think of. (Sidenote: this has made our lives hell at Android Police. The number of tips we get about changes we've already covered, the number of times we have to quadruple check something is new, the confusion over whether something is rolling out to everyone or just some people, the guessing game over whether it's a new app version feature or a server-side switch...

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