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[Deal Alert] Save money on Seamless and Eat24 orders through Android Pay this month (US only)

The UK had a pretty good Android Pay deal recently, so now it's the US's turn to save some money. Not just one deal, but two, from Seamless, where anyone using Android Pay can save $15 off orders this month, and Eat24, in which $5 comes off every order above $10 until October 15.

The prerequisite to this is you need to use your Android phone to order, and download either the Seamless or Eat24 app, obviously depending which deal you're using. When paying, simply use Android Pay as the payment method and the deal will come into action. For Seamless, after ordering you will receive a $10 voucher off the next order, and after the second order, a $5 voucher.

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GrubHub And Seamless Merge In Hopes Of Expanding Mobile Takeout To New Markets

GrubHub and Seamless are merging into a single company intent on bringing more customers to more restaurants, or more food to more customers, depending on your perspective. For those who have never heard of either company, they both allow mobile shoppers to avoid holding their phones to their ears to order takeout by using mobile apps on their phones instead. It's a popular concept, as evidenced by the roughly $875 million in gross food sales the two companies facilitated last year.

GrubHub1 GrubHub2 GrubHub3

The two competitors currently share the same goal of connecting hungry people with delicious meals, but they maintain separate networks of retailers across the country.

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Pocket Celebrates Its Name's One Year Anniversary With 'Send To Friend' And More In Version 4.5

Pocket, in an update to celebrate the one year anniversary of Read It Later's rebrand, has introduced (among other things) Send to Friend, a new feature that allows for quick, easy sharing of content with friends. Users can accept shared content directly from the Pocket app, using the app's new Inbox. Those sharing can also highlight quotes or add their own comments before sharing, sending them along for friends to read.


What's great about Pocket's Send to Friend is that users can share content with anyone via email without ever leaving the app. While a relatively small feature, it makes the Pocket experience all the more seamless.

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