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SD Maid 4.0 Beta Moves The App's Interface From The Holo To The Material Design Era

If you're like me and you spend a great deal of your time installing and uninstalling apps on your phone, then you're probably aware of the mess that some apps leave on your internal storage even after they're long gone. SD Maid specializes in getting rid of these ghosts of apps' past by removing the relics from your storage so it's like they've never been there to begin with. And now the app can do its job while also donning a nice modern Material Design interface.

Version 4.0.0 beta was released a couple of days ago and has since received a small bug fix update to version 4.0.1.

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Top Android Apps Every Rooted User Should Know About, Part 3: Apps 17-25

This is the third iteration in our 'Top Android Apps Every Rooted User Should Know About' series. Click here for part one or here for part two.

It's that time again - we've spent the last few months scouring the Android Market, and now we're ready to report back with nine more great root apps. There are a lot of good ones in this edition - read on for some of the best reasons to root your Android handset!


One of the most frequent excuses for piracy has to be "The app isn't available in my country" or "Google doesn't allow paid apps where I live." No longer!

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SD Maid Cleans Up The Mess Left Behind By Old Apps, Leaves Your Phone And Your SD Card Minty Fresh

We have all been there before - you're running low on space and want to get rid of some apps. Or perhaps you just want to do your device a favor and remove old apps that you no longer use. Sure, the app is gone, but most leave behind unwanted data, taking up precious room on the /data partition, your SD card, or both. Fortunately, XDA member Dark3n has created a app to address such a situation, aptly titled SD Maid.

This app is for rooted users only.

SD Maid is a simple, yet much needed app that searches your device for anything left behind by apps that have been uninstalled.

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