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The Amazon Kindle app now lets you download books to your SD card


Samsung's EVO Select U3 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB microSD cards fall to all-time low prices on Amazon

Prices of microSD cards have been dropping quite a bit lately, but this pre-Black Friday deal is among the most enticing yet. Amazon has dropped the price of its U3-level Samsung EVO Select microSD cards in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB flavors to all-time low prices.

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Samsung may add adoptable storage in Android Pie

It's been three years since Android's adoptable storage officially launched with Android Marshmallow, after a few months of testing in the Developer Preview. Many Android manufacturers didn't offer the feature immediately on their own phones, and until now, Samsung has been one of the holdouts. That may change with the upcoming update to Pie though.

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[Deal Alert] 256GB Samsung EVO Select U3 microSD card down to $90, 128GB and 64GB also discounted

Yesterday was Prime Day, and there were a ton of deals on basically any tech product that you could think of (including microSD cards). But if you were looking for something with quicker transfer speeds, Samsung's line of EVO Select cards is being discounted right now, with the star of the show being a 256GB unit for $89.99.

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PNY introduces a 512GB microSD card for $349.99

Earlier in the year, Integral Memory introduced the world's first 512GB microSD card (which unfortunately isn't sold stateside). PNY is showing off the second 512GB microSD, the PNY Elite 512GB, at Computex 2018, and the card will run you $349.99 when it becomes available.

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Samsung's EVO Select microSD cards are crazy fast and crazy cheap

Back when I used a Surface Pro 2 as my primary computer, I was quickly running out of space and needed more room. A 128GB microSD card set me back well over $100, and just a few short years later, the same capacity with faster read/write speeds is less than half the price.

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Netflix adds support for downloading content to SD cards

After years of waiting, Netflix finally added support for saving content for offline viewing last year. But until now, that was limited to the device's internal storage. The latest update, version 4.13, now supports downloading content to an external SD card.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 256GB Samsung EVO+ microSD card for just $129.99 on Massdrop

It's funny - just a few years ago, everyone was worrying about the demise of microSD card slots because of the growing popularity of cloud storage, but now, virtually every smartphone, flagship or otherwise, is capable of taking microSD cards (iPhone and Pixel excluded, of course). To take full advantage of your phone's microSD slot, why not stick a 256GB card, the highest capacity widely available, in there? Now, Massdrop is offering 256GB Samsung EVO+ microSD cards up for just $129.99.

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Google Maps: Wi-Fi-only mode and SD card saved data are rolling out to everyone

The latest post to the official Google Maps blog brings some welcome news. A couple of features that have been exclusive to betas of the Android app, not to mention hinted at by our cheeky teardown posts, are now in the public version. Specifically, that handy Wi-Fi-only mode for users on a limited data allotment should now be live for everyone (it was limited to a subset of users before), and the option to save local mapping data to the SD card is now active as well.

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Google Maps v9.31 Beta promises SD storage for offline maps, installs to N Preview 4 with fix for Android Auto, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

A brand new update for Google Maps just started rolling out last night and it's definitely a big one. Perhaps the most important detail is that this is the first installable on the Android N Developer Previews. The Timeline screen has also gone through a partial redesign and gained a couple of new tricks. However, the really interesting things are coming in the teardown. In fact, there's so much stuff that the teardown portion is going to be split into a second part. Let's get to the good stuff.

Note: according to a post on the issue tracker, this could be a beta release.

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