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Hulu adds full-screen scrubbing previews to its Android app

Hulu's Android app is pretty great. It supports multi-window (something that Netflix still hasn't figured out), and the interface looks great. But one of the few features noticeably missing has been full-screen scrubbing. In other words, when you skipped around the timeline of a movie/show, there would be no preview available. Not even the tiny thumbnail that the YouTube app has.

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[Update: Wide rollout] YouTube is testing video previews when you adjust your position on the seek bar

Lately, YouTube has been pushing a ton of server-side changes to users. In just the span of a few weeks, the comments section has been tweaked, the bottom nav bar test returned, and expanded replies were improved upon. The video-sharing service isn't stopping there; today, it seems that YouTube has begun displaying to a few users little snapshots of the video you're watching when you seek through it.

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