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ScreenshotGo from Mozilla helps you sort the mess of your screenshots and search them by text

We all associate the name Mozilla with Firefox and web browsing, but the company has been spreading its wings lately and releasing different kinds of tools. First there was Notes by Firefox, then Lockbox the password manager, followed closely by Firefox Send which shares encrypted files privately. The company now has another tool in beta and, although it has "Firefox" in its name, it's essentially an independent screenshot management tool.

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How to back up screenshots in Google Photos

Google Photos is great for backing up your favorite memories, from pictures of a vacation to videos of your pets. Screenshots can be just as important as photos and videos, whether they be snapshots of a Minecraft world you built with a friend or a funny conversation in WhatsApp. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy to tell Google Photos to back up your screenshots folder, and we'll show you how.

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Android Q Beta 3 breaks screenshot saving and sharing for some users

Android Q Beta 3 has hit our devices only a couple of days ago, but so far, it turns out to be the buggiest preview release of the latest OS version yet. We're experiencing mobile-network-breaking eSIM trouble, some Google Pay problems, and some issues related to the new gesture navigation. Now, another bug has surfaced that affects screenshot sharing and saving.

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Android Q Beta 2 fixes screenshots, no longer shows rounded corners and notches

Thank the heavens: Google has fixed the screenshot issue from Q Beta 1 that caused rounded corners and notches to be visible. Unsurprisingly, people were not happy with their screenshots being made so ugly, so we're glad that Google has reverted this so quickly.

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Android Q now includes rounded screen corners and notches in screenshots

Android has supported notches and other screen cutouts since Android Pie, but they never appeared in screenshots. The cutouts themselves are physical holes in the display, so it makes sense they weren't presented in the software. For whatever reason, notches are now front and center in Android Q screenshots, as well as screen corners.

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Google app v8.10 beta prepares image search from screenshots, Routines to lock doors, and much more [APK Teardown]

The Google devs are at it again with another late-night rollout of the Google app. Like most others, this update doesn't appear to bring any specific live changes, but it does include clues for a lot of the upcoming changes. There's plenty here to talk about, so let's just jump into it.

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Android P feature spotlight: The power menu now has a screenshot button

The power menu now has a new button: the appropriately-named 'Screenshot.' Custom ROMs have had an option for it for years, and Google has finally added it to its own builds. The old power + volume button combo still works, but this might come in handy when the buttons are inconvenient to press for whatever reason.

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Google app beta's screenshot editing and sharing popup is now working in other apps for some

For those who edit a lot of screenshots, an on-demand editor can be a godsend. It's one of my favorite things about my Galaxy S8+. Google recently added the option for a quick editor and sharing options to pop up when screenshots were taken in the Google app beta, but it looks like that functionality is spreading to other apps as well now.

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Assistant voice command lets you take a screenshot and instantly gets it ready for sharing

Assistant's history with screenshots is long and fraught with complications. First, Now on Tap added a screenshot option, then it was removed and re-added when it was renamed to Screen Search, and when the Assistant came, the screenshot option was nowhere to be found but it was added again through Assistant's What's on my screen feature. But it looks like Google has made it even easier to take a screenshot and it no longer requires special know-how.

Simply say or type, "take a screenshot," in Google Assistant, and the nice lady will reply with, "OK, taking a screenshot, touch to continue." The screenshot will appear in the background and the sharing menu will automatically show on top of it.

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Facebook's Messenger adds new Snapchat-like filters, animated emoji, and masks

Today Facebook has announced a bunch of new ways to add a bit more fun to video messaging via its Messenger platform. You can now add animated emojis which augment your own reactions in real time, overlay a variety of filters to jazz up your video feed, and take advantage of some new mask options. And if any of those new features result in an image you'd love to save, you can even capture screenshots from video chats directly from the application. 

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