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[Update: Best Buy, too] Samsung is canceling Galaxy Fold pre-orders for those who don't specifically opt back in

The Galaxy Fold faces an ill-fated start: First praised as the future of mobile computing, test devices sent out to reviewers failed left and right and led the company to postpone the official launch to an unspecified date. Now, Samsung is sending out emails to customers who pre-ordered the phone, telling them there's still no shipping date and that orders are automatically canceled if they don't opt-in to keep their order.

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Why the Galaxy Fold's screen breaks so easily, according to iFixit

As soon as the first Samsung Galaxy Fold units saw the hands of reviewers, the displays started failing left and right. While it was possible to brush off some journalists' issues to incorrect handling because they peeled off the non-removable screen protector, other people used the device as intended and still had their screens going to Nirvana. The team of iFixit investigated and found some structural problems inherent to the phone's design that might end up being very hard to fix for Samsung.

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Weekend poll: Has your opinion of Google's Pixel 2 XL changed?

It's been a turbulent couple of weeks for Google's latest pair of phones. The most significant point of contention has been the screen on the Pixel 2 XL, which has been reported to have issues ranging from an uneven "grainy" appearance, color-calibration woes, off-angle blue-shifts, to problems as significant as thick bands of darkness or bright color. If that wasn't enough, other issues started to appear like strange sounds and audio weirdness with videos.

With all these potential problems cropping up, how has your opinion of the Pixel 2 XL changed?

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