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Galaxy S6 Edge Owners Reporting Scratched Screens After Using Samsung's First-Party Clear View Cases

Every time Samsung releases a new high-profile phone or tablet, it also makes a bunch of pricey first-party cases to go with it. And why not - they're high-margin accessories that get stocked by the likes of Best Buy and carrier stores, and most of the time they're actually pretty nice. But the first round of official cases for the Galaxy S6 Edge are showing some remarkable problems: they might actually be damaging the gadgets they're designed to protect.

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Watch As The LG G Flex Repairs Itself After Being Scratched And Bounces Back After Being Flattened Out

LG's fancy new curved smartphone seems a little gimmicky at first, but it might actually have some innovative stuff going on. One of the surprises when it was finally announced a few weeks back was the "self-repairing" back material. Now you can see that capability demoed on video.

In the video, a wire brush is used to scratch up a regular plastic back panel and the G Flex back. With 500g (1.1 lbs) of pressure the scratches are almost completely gone after a few minutes.

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