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Screen Recording App SCR Pulled From Play Store And Developer's Account Closed Without Warning

Google has been clamping down on what developers can do in the Play Store as of late, and the latest victim appears to be screen recording app SCR. Both the free and paid versions disappeared the other day, and the developer has explained on XDA that Google removed them and closed his developer account. He alleges he wasn't even given any warning before it happened.


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SCR Screen Recorder Gets Experimental Support For Internal Audio Recording (Root Only)

Google added native screen recording functionality in Android 4.4, but it only works over ADB and there's no audio output. Third-party developers have been working on ways to expand the usability of the native functionality, but the root only app SCR might be the closest to implementing sound and video perfectly after the most recent update.

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In the new version, SCR gains support for experimental recording of internal audio with the video.

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